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Thread: Draining Ears

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    I heard a guy at my gym tried to sort out his swelling with a scalpel?!?!

    To those saying or implying that getting your ear drained is a sissy move for those incredibly vain just look at the grappling demi god fedor emmelianenko's ears to see that you don't neccessarily have to get it whilst reaching a high level.

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    My Doctor used a scalpel to drain mine when it was bad a few years ago. I'd let it go for a bit too long so it wouldn't drain through a needle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCG View Post
    I got the Brute Shockwave earguard after someone recommened it at my gym and it seems to do a decent job. CKA have them in stock but I think they've been discontinued so you'd have to move quick:
    I can second the brute shockwave as the only head gear that's worked for me.Dont bother with anything else unless someone else has a good suggestion.

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    Ive found that getting an experience jujitsuka to syringe your ear for the first time is best because it gives you an idea of how it should be done.As 6 mill said before make sure the ear is absolutely sterilerised before as well as the syringe being new.The ear is very prone to infection and should not be f.....d with.Sterilisation is key.I have found its easier to do it yourself after someone has done it for you.Everything 6 mill has said reigns true.Wether you need a doc to do it for you?well how much experience does a doctor have about syringing a cauliflower ear than a guy that has done it 40 times himself.
    But you choose.your doc however will probably not know quite how to do it if he hasn't done it to himself before.

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