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Thread: Who would you love to fight?

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    Jeremy Kyle - CUNT.
    Peter Kay - CUNT.
    Jedward - Pair Of CUNTS.

    the self righteous "i think i'm 'ard cos i have a stab vest on" copper who stopped me and questioned me for walking past a fight while on my way to work the other night - CUNT.

    the 2 guys who tried to get into my hotel, realised it was the wrong one, then called me a "fucking racist ni***r cunt" (i'm white, and in no way racist) - CUNTS.

    Piers Morgan - CUNT.

    and i'd fight Jay Darrell for the hell of it....i'd love to see if i could survive an onslaught by a human kicking machine.

    i may add to this later.
    The streets are alive with the sounds of pain...EARN YOUR F***ING SCARS, SON!

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    Mr Maker or Justin from Cbeebies.

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    First and foremost, my ex-girlfriends dad. A racist (and that's towards his white wife and his mixed race children), a bully boy who likes to intimidate his daughters and cheats on and beats his wife up . Continual put downs that have ruined his daughters lives. I would end up in prison for a very very long time if I got 30 seconds with this dirty sack of shit. He would never meet me one on one though, I asked his daughter (my ex) to put him on the phone as I wanted to meet him one on one and he walked away from her and locked his bedroom door while she followed him with the house phone. Shithole! Hate bully boys! On a lighter note, that guy Spencer from the American reality show 'The Hills.' What a cock end. I cannot actually believe that this individual is real. Anthony Costa from boy band 'Blue' seems to have a negative effect on my sense of humour.

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    I want to fight that smug cunt who used to do Police, Camera, Action before he got caught drink-driving, and I want Jim Davidson, Richard Littlejohn and Robert Kilroy Silk in my corner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UK_MMA View Post
    I'd fight Gandhi.
    haha leave Gandhi alone!
    Id knock the shit out of Hitler, and i would ass rape Andy Gray!

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    How could any one think Peter Kay is a cunt?
    Fair play if you don't think he is funny, but a cunt!

    Jeremy Kyle on the other hand I would like to stop his teeth out of his face the exploitative cunt.

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    Gillian McKeith, Christopher Biggins, Timmy Mallett, Nicki whatshername from Big Brother, everyone who has ever appeared, auditioned or thought about applying for Big Brother, Hugh Grants hair, people that sell fat girls tight clothes (its not fair on them or us), tele evangalists, fundamentalists of any bent, people that talk loudly in quiet carriages on trains then complain when you talk normally on a phone, nearly as bad as people that ring different people and repeat the same story OVER AND OVER when you're sat next to them on the train. Barbara Cartland.
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    My local Authority, come on then ill have the lot of ya

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