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Thread: Awesome techniques you pulled off in sparring

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    Default Awesome techniques you pulled off in sparring

    I'm thinking we should allow a little club bragging space and people should be able to post something they pulled off that they are proud of. If you are one of our many newbies then even your first key lock or arm bar deserves a mention.

    So if you pulled off a stunning rolling toe hold or got a sweet rear naked choke at your last session then post it here and be proud!
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    A stunning rolling toe hold is all I ever pull off. By xmas I hope to have another technique, ha ha

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    I hate when people use butterfly guard against me! Scott showed us a few ways of not getting caught with it, so getting a little better at dealing with that I think....even if he is still letting me counter it all the time!

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    sprawl to anaconda roll and got the tap
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    Landed a front kick to my sparring partner's sternum, not throwing it that hard but it was so perfectly placed that it winded him. Did exactly the same thing a couple of weeks later with another guy!

    That was about seven years ago and its never happened since goddamnit!

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    Left straight - right hook - left leg kick dropping partner like a sack of spuds the simple ones are the best. Did a few fake front kick to round kick to head last week too which always annoy people :|

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    I caught one of the lads with a nice D'Arce choke, but then he triangled the shit out of me for the next few minutes!!!

    DAMN YOU!!!!

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    lasted a week without gaining some kind of injury. Well im sure that did happen someday in the past
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    While probably sloppy in execution, I was working on an omaplata, couldn't quite manage the entry, so switched to armbar for the tapout.

    My brain.. it's starting to work!

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    I'm going to have to big up Southpaw for his awsome slam, which ended up breaking my finger... not quite as good for me.

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