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    If you train with a good club then they will usually have a chat with you when you first start to find out what your goals are. Even if it is a big club, you still should be able to easily approach them and ask like Rosi said what you would need to do to compete yourself and for feedback on your progress so far.

    Don't be dissapointed if they say you are not ready yet but listen to their advice and work hard to get your skills to the right level. We encourage our students to take part in our in-house competitions and interclubs before they go onto shows just to get a feel for cutting weight, having an audience and all the other intangibles on the day you cant expereince in the sparring sessions.

    We also encourage our guys to come and support our Pro and Amateur Fight Team as often as possible and this often gives people a real idea of the level they need to push for. Best of luck.
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    step up your game and then just ask them if your ready to fight...the way they see you train will tell them whether you ready or not!!

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