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Thread: Blog off!!!!!!!!

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    Default Blog off!!!!!!!!

    Article i came across on internet, whats your views guys?

    If youíre new to Notes from Ringside, and to be honest as I only started this blog a few days ago, youíre all pretty new, I apologise. Prepare yourselves for my first public rant.

    The subject that has irked me enough to write about it here is probably quite a contentious one, for it involves many, many people who run blogs. At the risk of severely pissing off a sizeable portion of the blogging community here goes.

    I hate BJJ blogs.

    I have never come across a bigger bunch of self-obsessed, egomaniacal piss-artists than I have in the world of martial arts. They intellectualise everything. They debate trivial topics to the point of distraction. They self-importantly muse about how their spider guard is coming along nicely, that theyíre really starting to feel like they deserve their belt, but that they struggled with that big strong white belt last night.

    To all you BJJ bloggers out there: Shut the fuck up.

    As Iím involved in mixed martial arts, I manage to avoid the majority of these knob-ends, but as Iím heavily into my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I still encounter them from time to time.

    The internet is home to every single jiu-jitsu nerd out there, and you can bet theyíve nearly all got their own blog. Whether theyíre in California or Canada, Malaysia or Macclesfield, their inane posts about learning methods and pointless diatribes on the Ďrealí essence of jiu-jitsu are everywhere.

    Iím absolutely sick of hearing about the latest revolutionary training method some purple belt has created with the aid of a whiteboard and a few substandard training partners. Iím really, really tired of listening to the story of some out-of-shape IT workerís second shoulder surgery. And Iím really, really, sick of pretentious BJJ blogs.

    If you blog about BJJ and you use it as a journal for your training, thatís fine. Iím not bothered. I may even be interested. If you use it to communicate with friends and acquaintances who arenít nearby, thatís fine. I dig that.

    If youíre using it to promote yourself as some kind of jiu-jitsu authority or to appear clever, then fuck right off.

    This world is full of ego-masturbation as it is, and BJJ is supposed to be one way of cutting through the bullshit and finding your own simple truths.

    Combat sports are humbling. You think youíre doing well? Someone comes along to kick your ass and put your ego back in itís place. Having a good day? The afore-mentioned 200lb white belt will change that for you when he smash-passes you and keylocks you.

    Iím all for intelligently analysing your game with the intention of further development. But if youíre going to do this, back it up on the mat. Roll. Roll often and roll hard. Roll with people who challenge you. Roll with people who make that flowery omoplata sweep impossible. Roll with people who tap you.

    Then, when youíve discovered that all that intellectualising wasnít worth shit, go back to your blog and ask yourself Ė did I gain anything from this, or would I have been better off just going to class, getting on the mat and rolling?

    Letís kick the bullshit out of BJJ.

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    Hahaha. Ace! 100% agree.

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    The actual title of the article is: BJJ IS FULL OF WANKERS:
    Ironically, itself a blog.
    Oh well, he's entitled to his opinions, and so am I. And we both blog about it. Funny HA HA.
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    you have a blog problem u should start a online diary about your fruuuustrations towards blogs
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    If you hate BJJ blogs that much then dont read them! As for te rest of us BJJ junkies :-) , I enjoy reading several BJJ blogs in addition to writing one myself for students and fellow BJJ players. I find them a valuable learning tool and a good sounding board to bounce ideas off other like minded individuals!

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    I really don't get the whole blog thing either, but that guy is a little bit over the top, lol. -

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    it did have a cool pic on the blog though

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    I miss Hywell's notes.

    The caption for the picture is "A gym thankfully free of wankers" and I laughed so hard when I realised I wasn't there that day

    I do however agree with r-v
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    As with most things the variation between the good ones and the bad ones is enormous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akiraB View Post
    I’m absolutely sick of hearing about the latest revolutionary training method some purple belt has created with the aid of a whiteboard and a few substandard training partners. I’m really, really tired of listening to the story of some out-of-shape IT worker’s second shoulder surgery. And I’m really, really, sick of pretentious BJJ blogs.
    Know what you mean mate, lol, but at the end of the day if you don't like them then you don't have to read them. I don't have too much interest for 'Blogs' (even the so called 'good ones'). but I can see why people do them cos I suppose they or their kids can always look back on them when they're older.

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