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    I get why people drop to a lower weight division if they lose fights or are not comfortable at a certain weight .... But why do fighters do it when they have a few wins and even titles ... Just so they think they can walk all over a lower weight??.. Wouldn't it be better to cement your name in one division that you are winning in? I know an heard a few people have done that but why??
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    I always thought if you get really strong, then loose weight, u keep most of that str? so you'll be a stronger lower weight than alot of other people you could get put up against?

    But yeh it is me, i'm probaby wrong lol.

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    Yea getting strong and dropping is like the must do thing to some I don't understand why people win a load of fights and do it.... I would rather go up in ranking in that division if I was winning aload of fight not drop because it seems like a cowards way out some times ... Also if you start fighting higher level fighters in that lower weight army they more used to the weight drop? I dunno lol
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    if you are talking about guys who drop to a lower weight class, rather than cut weight there are lots of reasons for this including....

    feeling physically outmatched by an opponant at the previous higher weight
    training with guys of similar walk around weight to you who already fight at lower than you
    (a sometimes false) sense that bigger at lighter is always better

    there's a few that i know of from experience
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    If I held a British Title at WW but could drop to LW then I would do to try and claim that title as well and champ both divisions.
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    People drop weight for all kinds of reasons.

    Sometimes, as you train, your natural weight or build changes for any number of reasons. Some people also just get better at weight cutting and discover they are better, more athletic fighters at the lower weight. Or they find they are at a physical disadvantage - particularly when it comes to reach - at the higher weight class.

    At the same time, as you start going up the rankings and fighting higher level guys, weight cutting becomes more important if you want to stay competitive. At an international level, most guys are cutting 15 - 20 lbs or more, that's not a size advantage you can afford to give away against top level fighters. If you have ambitions to fight the best in the world, then you need to be a good size for your weight class - and for some UK fighters, that means dropping a weight.

    Also, however successful you are, there comes a point when getting punched in the head by someone 20 lbs heavier than you becomes tedious...
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    I wonder who the biggest weight drop has been in MMA?

    I was thinking earlier about TUF 1 and how the middleweights had Ken Flo and Diego Senchez and they both dropped down to LW in the end (with Senchez just gone up to WW).

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    If its someone who holds a title , maybe they go to a lower wieght for a fresh new challenge.

    or could be that they are getting better at cutting wieght that they can reach the lower wieght and still feel/perform as good.

    Lower wieght and same strengh is an advantage , and in MMA u need to make every advantage you have count as the other fighters will most certainly do it.

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