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Review of: Paraestra Attack From The Top Position, Book and DVD by Yukinori Sasa.

The obvious first thing with this instructional is that it is all in Japanese - but there is enough English text in the book to find
your way around, and for the included DVD, you just count the relevant chapter you want in the title screen - or try to recognise the kanji,
but its fairly easy.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Basic Guard Pass - 12 techniques
Chapter 2: Cross Knee Guard Pass - 11 techniques
Chapter 3: Spider Guard Pass - 9 techniques
Chapter 4: Under leg sweep pass - 4 techniques
Chapter 5: Butterfly & Spiral guard pass - 7 techniques
Chapter 6: DeLaRiva & Quarter Guard Pass - 7 techniques
Chapter 7: Half & closed guard pass - 6 techniques

The pictures are quite small and the book is split 1/3 in colour, 2/3 black and white. Some techniques have
a lot of steps to them so you need the DVD to see how it all flows.

The book format works best when you are using it as a guide to flick through to bits you like, and then you play
the DVD at the relevant section.

A good 70 percent of the techniques in the book feature a version of the cross knee guard pass, also known
(I think) as the knee slice pass or knee-through pass.

But there are a couple of flashier moves for which Sasa's previous book (Attack from Guard Position
- http://meerkat69.blogspot.com/2010/01/spiral-guard.html) is renowned for showing.

Guard passing is definitely the most technical part of the BJJ game. The cross knee pass is a basic pass
but Sasa shows so many usages of the pass that it really inspires the learner to try these out and
play with it a lot more than one normally would.

I bought my copy of Paraestra Top Position at the Scramble store here: http://www.scramblestuff.com/