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Thread: Braulio Estima - Collar - Lapel Chokes

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    Default Braulio Estima - Collar - Lapel Chokes

    Excellent video lesson with Braulio, first one filmed since he got back from his monstrous seminar tour in the USA! (guns 'n all in Texas ;-) )

    This lesson looks at lapel/collar chokes, variations, transitions into other submissions, counters, counters to counters and more!

    As usual, Braulio goes into great detail but in a very clear and understanable way. Makes it all so 'of course' and easy to pick up.

    Available now on in the VIDEO section.

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    I'll give a quick review, i just finished watching the lesson.

    I was lucky enough to go to one of Braulios seminars in the US. This is very similar to what was covered. So i really enjoyed seeing these techniques again, i also learnt a few more details!

    The content on the lesson is very good, i would advise anyone who gets this lesson also watch braulios guard defense lesson(i think this is the one he covers breaking posture) as these two lessons really flow from one to another. Once you have the posture broken, its a great time to start the techniques covered here.

    Having said that I was kind of hoping this was going to cover collar chokes. This set doesn't really do that imo. Its all lapel chokes from guard(when you pull the lapel over the persons back from closed guard and set the cross grip up with it).

    The lapel cross grip is a very powerful grip to have but can be hard to finish from there. Braulio sets out a nice gameplan for you to address the most common resistances you will encounter while having this grip.

    I'd love to see a set in the future just focusing on the cross choke from guard, also one on armbars from guard.

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    Hi Benws, thanks for the feedback.
    am filming more next week so will see if we can look at Collar chokes in more detail then.

    Thanks - Tim

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    Awesum! thanks for the free Instructional.. very helpfull, and as Benws pointed out, a good follow on from the previous vid.


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