Totally random as I was searching for this mans name and came across this thread. I have also been totally ripped off by this man as I booked a villa through him for my hen weekend in may 2009, I arrived in Mijas Spain with 12 of my friends and family to be met my spriggs only to find out that the villa we had rented had issues and we couldn't get in there until later in the day, he then proceeded to dump us in fuengirola and disappear with all our money, we were stranded with no where to stay and ripped off by this twat. Top and bottom, if you ever find him please contact me as clearly this man is a total jerk and conman. I'm hoping messing with a load of cage fighters has been his comeuppance!!!!!!

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Firstly I would like to offer my sympathy to Peter Wilson,who has spent the last few months trying his hardest to promote MMA in Murcia in Spain, the venue was booked,the figthers were found and all looked to be going well with a sold out event,unfortunatly for Peter,what he didnt see happening was his so called partner...MR ROBERT SPRIGGS!!!, who was in charge of purchising the cage and the financial side of things.
MR.SPRIGGS, scumbag that he is has disappeared with all the money,both for the cage and the money from ticket sales, yes it was a sold out event.
So please,if anyone out there knows Robert Spriggs,especially any promoters, then be warned that it isn't advisable to do buisiness with him, and please dont trust him with any money,or it maybe you who he rips off next