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Thread: Kesegatame scarf hold

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    Default Kesegatame scarf hold

    Anyone coming from a Judo background tends to get taught to stop using full scarf hold in favour of kuzure kesa gatame / broken scarf hold for BJJ, probably correctly since there are more submission options from there. But I always felt it was kinda useful in MMA/self defense. And occasionally worth trying in BJJ, since your opponent may not be used to it.

    Here is Fedor finishing a fight with it:

    What say the experts worth a try in BJJ or just a big no no?
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    It works fine, it's just dangerous because you know that anyone who has been training longer than a couple of weeks will look to go to your back if you give them any room to move.

    Just another risk vs. reward decision. -

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    i think its mostly to do with,in judo you land in a position were the standard scarf hold is an obvious pin to go to were as in bjj theres more leg attacks and guard jumping ect were you have to work for side control from a sweep or a guard pass and going for the cross side position is better and then you may transfer to the scarf hold and as you have the under hook in the cross side your not going to give him space by pummeling out and going for the standard scarf hold.

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    when good Judoka get you in a good Kesegatame I find I can't breath let alone move. Good move at the right time I think.

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    good move for Judo

    not so good for BJJ, limited subs, hard to progress and can give your back

    don't teach it as a useable contest technique, but I do teach how to defend/counter it

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    Like wagon said, if a good judoka get's it it can feel hard to breathe.The secret is in good near-side arm control. If they have control over enough of the arm, you can't really get to their back. You can still escape (check old footage of Rickson seminars on youtube).

    There are very few good BJJ reasons to voluntarily go there, but it has it's place if you find yourself for the nearside arm until you can go back to kuzure kesa gatame or side control
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    Quote Originally Posted by wagon View Post
    when good Judoka get you in a good Kesegatame I find I can't breath let alone move. Good move at the right time I think.
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