Hello all

I know everything is all gone the way the way of the digital so my old film camera won't be worth that much today but I was just wondering what price people think I should sell the following bundle and where would be best to sell it?

Canon EOS 500N
Canon 28-80mm auto focus zoom lens
Sigma 75-300 zoom lens
Canon remote shutter release cable
Canon GR 80TP grip with mini tripod
Jessops entension tubes
UV lens filter
Camera carrying case
Benbo trekker tripod with carrying case

*All in mint condition with manuals*

I think the lenses and extension tubes are compatible with modern digital SLR camera, assuming that the mounts are still the same.

Brand new, I'm guessing there's probably around 600 worth of kit there. If anybody in the know could tell me what they think I should put it all up for, it would be much appreciated. Or if anybody would be interested themselves or know somebody else who would be, let me know. Thanks.