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Thread: Any IKON results?

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    Yeeeeesss!!!!!!! Oh yeah!

    My prediction was wrong!

    Bernat by TKO rd 1!!!!!!

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    It was only an Amateur fight, but Dave Ogden fought earlier; any news on how he did?

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    Nice one shay, he will go far
    You may know me as The Cheesecake Assassin

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    matt inman beat rick jones,mick bowman won,andy green lost!!!
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    Nice one inman!!
    You may know me as The Cheesecake Assassin

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    Well Done Mick..."Bowman fighting Systems" is the way forward
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    u77 Stephen Kingsbury (EFR) Vs Statham Heathcote (Evade MMA)

    This fight was an absolute farce. Kingsbury should have won.

    Well done Inman!!! Very respectful in his post fight interview.

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    hey boys (bruce) Could u elaborate how Matt Inmann and Mick Bowman won please? Play By Play Maybe? Well done to both

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    This is all I know.

    60 Nathan Dunne (Team Kilbride) Vs Sam Hodgin (Salford MMA)
    u66 Joe Frey (IFS NI) Vs Adam Hodgeson (Huyton MMA)
    u84 Mark Stevens (Applied Combat) Vs Lee Whitehead (Salford MMA)
    u77 Stephen Owens (IFS NI) Vs Dave Ogden (Salford MMA)

    u70 Saul Rogers (Colluseum) Vs Kostadin Toychev (Huyton MMA)
    u70 Gray Mayanika (Applied Combat) Vs Aaron Lowe (Salford MMA)
    u70 Daniel Harwood (Reps MMA) Vs Chris Webb (Trap n Tap)
    u70 Stephen Kingsbury Vs Statham Heathcote (Evade MMA) Not a bloody clue what was going on.
    u77 Chris Clarke (Applied Combat) Vs Scott Rogers (Trap n Tap)
    u66 Steve Nightingale (Reps MMA) Vs Andy Green (Salford MMA)
    u84 Jon Waterhouse (Leeds Cage) Vs Mason Brabiner (Trap n Tap)

    u66 Shay Walsh (Morcombe MMA) Vs An Irish lad (Caged Steel)
    u70 Anthony Kearnes (Reps MMA) Vs Gary Kelly (Wolfslair) ???
    u84 Jordan McCluskey (Team Quannum) Vs ???
    u120 Bernat Pados (Norway) Vs Markus Grosse (Munich)
    u77 Ric Jones (Franks Gym) Vs Matt Inman (Manchester SBG)
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    I know my team mate Saul Rogers won via triangle in rd1

    And Mick Bowman won via RNC in rd 2

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