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    To All invloved in yesterdays interclub..

    I have to say a massvie well done to all who competed. It was a great day all round and there were some great (Wicked!!) fights. Win, lose or draw the main thing for me was the determentation everyone showed to get in there and give it a go, as belive me it is not easy!! I have never seen more relaxed fighters in my life which bodes very well for the future. Everyone who stepped up showed pure heart and at the end of the day that is what counts. Aside from that, there was some slick techniques and great skill showed in the cage. I now know who to avoid in training!!

    Also a massive thanks must go to Phil and Cat for organising such an event. It was well run from the start and your performanes are a testament to the hard work they have put into the club and gym over the last 6 months. Without them we would be nothing so a massive pat on the back for you both.

    Remember that Rome was not built in a day......but hell we are mighty close. Rock on 2010 for Gods of War.

    Get down and support Steve N at Prom Kumite on April 10th

    Love and Peace

    The Hood x
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    Awww thanks.

    We couldnt have run it without the help of our Pro and Amateur Fight Team there to support the guys in their corners.

    I cant stress enough that it is the students and the fight teams that make the Club what it is. Clubs that forget that will never have what we have at GOW.

    We are already planning how to make the next one in June even bigger and even better if you guys are all on board for helping again.
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