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Thread: New Thai section 'how do you condition your shins' lol

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    Its very doubtful rolling your shins would cause shin splints, kicking bags, progressing to harder and heavier and thai pads too is the best way to get your shins conditioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom blackledge View Post
    the rolling pin/bottle down the shins is meant for after fights to get rid of all the swelling on your shins not as a conditioning tool on its own.
    Interesting bit of knowledge I was not aware of; thanks, Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee kru View Post
    Kick hard bags and pads with bare shins, start off lighter and gradually progress.

    Light blocking and countering drills - bare shins
    Tried the bare shin high kick block yesterday, gradually built up the power of the kicks to see who'd call time first, the guy blocking or the guy kicking. We both had enough of blocking before givin in via kicking. Callin it "Kickin Chicken".

    Done a load of body/low kicks on the bag too. felt good, sore with toes whippin round though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thai-jitsu View Post
    Callin it "Kickin Chicken".
    haha this would make an awesome gameshow
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