1) Saenchai Sor Kingstar-unbelievable array of skills and amazing timing
2) Pornsaneh-because he is an absolute animal
3) Rungraevee Sasiprapa-Hard as fook
4) Nokweed Davy-Massive skills and heart

1) Andy Howson-never in a boring fight, always a war
2)Jordan Watson-technically perfect in every way
3) Liam Harrison-proabaly the most determined fighter in UK
4)Tommi Mcormack- similar to Jordan, outrageously talented

1) Lisa Houghton-Smith (retired) purely awesome. will always be my all time fave female fighter
2) Helene Garnett-hits like a man twice her weight
3) Iman Barlow-still only 16 but over 100 fights already and technically amazing
4) Bernise Aldiss-pure class.

up and comers- Thep JIttiGym and Danny Crompton (waterloo st gym)