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Thread: all time fave thai fighters current and past

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    Saenchai Sor Kingstar is my best player to be choosen ,
    the players multiple styles are impressing with classic tricks .he looks gorgeous and stunning with his unique style .

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    no one else comes close bit of an open and shut one that!

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    My favorites are:

    Samart Payakaroon - Loved his style and the fact that he used Western Boxing Techniques so well in Muay Thai. Smooth and relaxed and a nasty leg kick.

    Sakmongkol Sitchuchoke - A total contrast to the Payakaroon's style. A very simple and brutal strategy. Left Kick, Left kick, Left Knee, Left Kick. Battering ram them into submission. Awesome.

    Ramond Dekkers - Just watch the guy fight. Nuff Said.

    Rayen Simpson - Maybe not as decorated as some of the others but I really like his footwork.

    From K-1 I really liked:

    Ernesto Hoost - Awesome hand and shin combinations. Great leg kicks.
    Andy Hug - A total contrast in style. And who doesn't love seeing guys get dropped with AX kicks and Spinning Heel Kicks to leg.

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    my favourite fighter to watch is paul karpowicz. not necessarily the best fighter in the world, but for me he is the best and most entertaining to watch. i was at his gym on friday messing about and got some cool vids of him, like this one

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    Past UK fighter I would say Peter Crooke Trojan Wolverhampton he was very entertaining , he has fought all over the world against the best and beat them, top bloke also.

    Hoost is quality also , just watch his high lights on you tube ,,, knock out master.

    Todays fighters you still got to give it liam Harrison for what he has achieved awesome fighter , also his team mate jordon watson he will go far, I was on the end of some of his skills a good 4 years ago when he was a young lad . He will only get better !!

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    thai - Saenchai Sor. Kingstar (front kicks and cartwheel kicks - phenomenal!!)
    european - Andrei Kulebin

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    could someone recommend a good uk muaythai fight dvd to purchase as ive just started training and know nothing about the sport

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