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Thread: crawlay bjj/ freestyle wrestling is back on !

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    Default crawlay bjj/ freestyle wrestling is back on !

    Bjj is back and here to stay in crawley. we are now operating from tillgate recreational centre by the k2 leisure centre. bjj classes will be taken by myself 6yrs exp in gi and no gi, bjj purple belt. we also have mma and freestyle wrestling taken by saeed golamine.A top national level wrestler from iran ( with a proper set of screwed up ears to go with it ). He is also a pro mma fighter. If you'd like to find out more pm me . thanks yousuf nabi

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    if u dont mind me asking..

    what years was saeed a 'top national wrestler'?

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    if u dont mind me asking..

    what years was saeed a 'top national wrestler'?
    ooops is this the freestyle police?

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    not entirely sure to be honest. I remember him mentioning that he had trials at the junior national. Will check for you to confirm

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    Quote Originally Posted by wobblybob View Post
    ooops is this the freestyle police?


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    Whenevr it was Saeed was a National Wrestler, He is MUSTARD!!!!
    His free style wrestling is Top Notch, have trained with the guy on many occasions. Everyone used to say that they wanted to be able to do takedowns like Saeed, but no one ever trained the same takedown for 45 minutes like he did!

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    I feel completely privaliged to be able to train with him and anyone who can make their way down to his classes won't be disapointed

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    whats the timetable for the classes tax??

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    Alright kurt, I cauld give you a vague idea but i'd rather wait until i know for sure. The gym is almost completely exclusive to bjj/mma/wrestling apart from the odd jkd class. avo classes and evening classes throughout the week. bjj defo on thursday. As soon as I have the proper timetable infront of me i'll let you know more. thanks

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    Here is a link to the site. It's still under construction at the moment but it has a timetable on there for you perusal. The only change as of next week is the bjj on thursdays 6-8 were i'll be taking the bjj classes now apart from that it's pretty much as it is.
    oh and by the way Saeed is a iranian trials junior gold medalist plus a two times all iranian champ. Putting that aside he is a great coach!

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