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    Default New expansion plans

    With the current student numbers in attendance now at most evening classes...we are excited to announce that we will be looking to expand the gym in the next few weeks to give us all more space. Whilst we anticipiated a potential future extension when we opened in Sept we hadn't anticipated needing it this soon.

    Whilst it is fantastic that we are continuing to have more and more new students wanting to join the Club, we are very conscious that we need to preserve the high quality of the class. We are already planning this expansion and investment and the new much larger new mat space should be avaible in the next few weeks.

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    so when you looking at the expansion plans now guys??
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    We are hoping over the next few weeks, so by Easter at the latest. We are in the process of sorting out all the new mats we will need with the awesome guys at Pro Kumite at the moment. This week we have had the go ahead to take down the far wall and re-position it.

    Mick has also just confirmed our cage on loan for another 6 months so a big thanks to everyone at Pro Kumite for all their support (both of the gym and the fighters) by giving us access to their great cage.

    We are at least 6-8 months ahead of schedule at the moment in terms of growth so we are having to be quick on our feet. Its just such an exciting position to be in.

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    any hands needed?? give me a shout
    obsession is a word used by the weak to describe the dedicated!!

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    Cheers buddy. All hands most welcome. We have a Lovejoy up the steps to help move the wall fixtures so someone will need to catch him lol!

    As soon as we have an actual date, I'll post a work party request.

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    phase 1 complete with the wall coming down today. Thanks to all the guys who stayed after the session today to help.

    Phase 2 will be to get all the new mats down in the next week or so and then we will double our open mat area.

    Pictures coming when its all finished up!

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