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Thread: Become an MMA fighter with Padwork, grappling flow drills, Southern Mantis, Qi Gong

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    Many students want a comprehensive training session which covers a multitude of fighting styles and also covers the very close range of fighting when someone grabs you, throws you or drags you to the ground. This must be practical and provide a good competitive workout for the student. Also a number of people are attracted to the martial arts after watching such shows as the Ultimate Fighter and UFC.

    To ensure that we cater for this area of training we have taken our Championship Kickboxing and K1 skills under Tony Willis Chief Instructor of 5 Elements and a WAKO certified MMA coach and couple this with the supreme skills of Fergus our Grappling coach.This gives us fantastic MMA training skills which you can enjoy either as a recreational student or to allow you to enter MMA and cage fighting competitions.

    For Competition we strongly support the WAKO organisation and their amateur MMA circuit which allows students a first step into MMA with a stricter rule set to allow the to develop the competition side within a more controlled environment.

    This course is not an easy option and includes very physical training based predominantly around grappling flow drills with a partner and pad work. If you are looking for an intense practical workout then this is for you.
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    I hope more kickboxing organisations start devaluing MMA to make money out of it; fuck it, why not, thats what its there for right? Now where's my dan belt...?
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