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Thread: Become an MMA fighter with Padwork, grappling flow drills, Southern Mantis, Qi Gong

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    Why have I only just read this thread ??? The obvious answer to this dispute is a good old throw down IMO

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    Apologies in advance but i have only read the first 3 pages and the last one (p14).

    Can somebody please tell me a) what is MMA, and what it means, and b) what it actually takes to become an MMA coach?

    Ok so i know the answer to 'a', but let's face it 'MMA' was always about styles vs styles, then fighters cross-trained a few disciplines and were orginally classed as 'cross trainers' not MMA'ers... I know that people are having a go at certain instructors from certain styles, namely the traditional karate or kung-fu styles who are incorporating MMA into their gyms.

    BUT! What's the difference between someone from a BJJ, JJJ, or wrestling background deciding to open an MMA gym, as to what this Qigong person is doing?

    This leads to me 'b'. What does it take to be an MMA coach?

    In my area (north east) there are thai-boxing gyms, kickboxing gyms, Judo clubs, boxing gyms and a few others all incorporating MMA into their gym. What gives them the right to do so?

    My point is that MMA from it's inception (let's say Vale Tudo and early UFC days) to modern-day does not have any particular structure to it, in fact, it's structure is anything that the coaches choose to adopt and teach. So what makes a credible coach to a new coach from a traditional background 'cashing in' on the MMA name (as most people are doing including so called MMA coaches).

    Would like to finish by saying this is only food for thought and in no way sticking up for, nor putting anybody down.

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