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Thread: Top 10 BJJ Black Belts

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    mario sukata
    Wolfslair MMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allan Shrek View Post
    Active gi competitors p4p

    cobrinha yes
    Roger Gracie yes
    Braulio Estima yes
    Rafael Mendes yes
    Romulo Barral yes
    Marcelo Garcia yes
    Andre Galvao yes although didn't fight Gi this year
    Xande Ribeiro yes although didn't fight Gi this year
    Tarsis Humphries lol, what? a guy with one silver, two bronze and a dreadfully boring game?
    Fabricio Werdum hasn't fought gi since 2004

    not in order.
    *Roger and Xande are a level above everyone else.
    *Only guys to win 4 or more Mundial black belt golds are: Robson Moura (5), Saulo (5), Roger (8), Cobrinha (4), Royler (4), Xande (6), Roleta (4) and Fabio Gurgel (4).

    Quote Originally Posted by IranianWarMachine View Post
    yeah malfacine is unbelievable, and unstoppable at rooster.
    Malfacine is pretty good and also won in 2007 but he only beat terra 2-0 in the final of last years mundials and didn;t even make the finals in 2008
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    Since i was posting it in reply to a question on the UG, here goes:

    *1998 - Mario Sperry won his weight and the absolute.
    *2000 - Mark Kerr won his weight and the absolute.
    *2001 - Ricardo Arona won his weight and the absolute.
    *2005 - Roger wins weight and absolute, all by submission (7 subs + 1 quit on stool).
    *2009 - Braulio wins weight & absolute.
    *Marcelo Garcia and Royler Gracie won their weight categories 3 ADCCs in a row.
    *Mario Sperry, Mark Kerr and Ricardo Arona took 4 Golds from 3 ADCCs in a row.

    CBJJ Mundials
    n.b. frequently people advertise seminars by detailing all the golds they ever won at all belts and at CBJJO Copa Do Mundo and CBJJE Mundials and describing themselves as 57 time world champion, but in terms of specifically at black belt and at the CBJJ Mundials:
    *Roger has won 8 golds (6 weight and 2 absolute)
    *Xande has won 6 golds (4 weight & 2 absolute).
    *Saulo Ribeiro and Robson Moura have both won 5 golds at their weight.
    *Royler Gracie, Fabio Gurgel, Roberto Magalh„es (Roleta) & Rubens Charles (Cobrinha) won 4 golds at their weight.
    *Robson won his first gold in 1997 and his most recent in 2007, the longest career.
    *Roger Gracie has been in the absolute final 7 years in a row, winning 2.
    *Royler, Robson and Cobrinha won their divisions 4 years in a row.
    *Saulo won a different weight division 4 years in a row (1997 - 2000 Medio, Pesado, Meio Pesado, Super Pesado).
    *Roger Gracie has been in his weight category final 6 years in a row, winning all 6.
    *Xande Ribeiro, Amauri Bitetti, Marcio Cruz (Pe de Pano), Rodrigo Medeiros (Comprido), Roger Gracie, & Ronaldo Souza (Jacare) have all won the Absolute division twice.
    *Margarida (2001), Pe de Pano (2002) & Jacare (2005) have won their weight division and the absolute in the same year (Jacare couldn't contest the Meio Pesado final in 2004).
    *Xande (2006, 2008) & Roger (2007, 2009) have won their weight and the absolute in the same year twice.
    *Roger (2009) won all 9 matches in weight and absolute by submission.

    Golden oldies
    *Royler was 33 when he won his last Mundials title in 1999 and was 35 when he won his last ADCC title in 2001.
    *Busta was 32 or 33 when he won his mundials title in 1999.
    *Monson was 34 when he won the adcc 99+ title in 2005.
    *Werdum was 32 when he won adcc this year.
    *David Meyer was 36 i think when he took a bronze in the 2002
    *Megaton was 34 i think when he took a bronze in the 2002
    *DeLaRiva was 36 or 37 when he took a bronze in the 2002

    *Cobrinha (2007 - 2009) and Roleta (1996 - 1998) won their divisions in both the mundials and the pan ams 3 years in a row.
    *Roger is the only person to have won weight and absolute at ADCC (2005) and the Mundials (2009) all by submission
    *Cobrinha won the Mundials one year without conceding a single point or advantage (can't remember which year, 2007 perhaps).
    *Prior to being submitted by Eddie Bravo in 2003, Royler had not been scored on in his 3 previous gold medal winning ADCCs.
    *Pe de Pano (2003) and Jacare (2004) won the Mundials and Pan Am absolutes in the same year.

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    Current Gi World Champs:

    *Braulio Estima
    *Bruno Malfacine
    *Gabriel Vella
    *Guilherme Mendes
    *Marcelo Garcia
    *Michael Langhi
    *Roger Gracie
    *Romulo Barral

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    Also, lightest player to win the ADCC or Mundials Absolutes:

    CBJJ Mundials
    Amauri Bitetti (1996/1997), Jacare (2004/2005) & Margarida (2001) @ Meio Pesado

    I think Amauri Bitetti was also Meio Pesado when he won his 2 absolutes, but i am not 100% sure because i don't think he entered any weight category divisions those years so can't see what he weighed. He took 3rd @ Meio Pesado a couple of years afterwards.

    1996 Amauri Bitetti (Meio Pesado)
    1997 Amauri Bitetti (Meio Pesado)
    1998 Jose Mario Sperry (Super Pesado)
    1999 Rodrigo Medeiros (Pesado)
    2000 Rodrigo Medeiros (Pesado)
    2001 Fernando Pontes (Pesado)
    2002 Marcio Cruz (Pesadissimo)
    2003 Marcio Cruz (Pesadissimo)
    2004 Ronaldo Souza (Meio Pesado)
    2005 Ronaldo Souza (Meio Pesado)
    2006 Xande Ribeiro (Pesado)
    2007 Roger Gracie (Super Pesado)
    2008 Xande Ribeiro (Pesado)
    2009 Roger Gracie (Super Pesado)

    CBJJO & CBJJE had/have split absolutes (-79kg/+79kg) so can't say really.

    In terms of the Masters, Gabriel Willcox won the 2006 black belt masters absolute and the featherweight title which is pretty impressive.

    Braulio Estima (-87.9kg)

    In terms of ADCC, the absolute winners are:

    1998 Ricco Rodriguez (+99kg) - he took 2nd in his weight category
    1999 Roberto Traven (-99kg) - He didn't place in his weight category
    2000 Mark Kerr (+99kg) - he took 1st in his weight category
    2001 Ricardo Arona (-99kg) - he took 1st in his weight category
    2003 Dean Lister (-99kg) - He didn't place in his weight category
    2005 Roger Gracie (-99kg) - he took 1st in his weight category
    2007 Robert Drysdale (-99kg) - he took 3rd in his weight category
    2009 Braulio Estima (-87kg) - he took 1st in his weight category

    So 5 were -99kg, 2 were +99kg and Braulio was lightest at -87.9kg

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    The J Sho BJJ supercomputer wins again!! lol -

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    I was giving alot of precedence to the Abu Dhabi pro comp last year as well, hence my inclusion of Tarsis. Considering it wad just off the top of my head it's not too bad, I did let myself be swayed by no gi results as well.

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    where does Maia sit here?

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    j sho,

    thats some bad ass info right there..

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