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Thread: switch or step?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun.R. View Post
    well you wouldnt switch if it was your back leg would you?

    anyway i mean high, not inside leg. you wouldnt need to do any to land an inside leg kick
    yes you would if you are chasing them down and landing a right leg at the end of it.

    everyone tells you diferently when it comes to skipping your kick in. i have been told to do it/not to do it by 2 trainers from the same gym in Bangkok.
    its one beat more to skip your kick in so its slower but you can get a bit more power in it.
    just preference along with distance and timing and every trainer will have his/her own preference.

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    i know yes you can use both for different situations but when its padwork its just one (depending on how your trainer wants you to do it).

    my old trainer taught me to step, my current one makes me switch and my kicks suck as a result lol

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    If they're different kicks then, why are they taught seperately. Instructors divided right down the middle

    I see it as a jab and a right cross, the jab (switch) will get it there fast, not much power but still enough to do damage, and the right cross (step) will get more power, do more damage, but requires a little more, energy-wise but also the shot itself takes a little longer to throw.

    Neither one as good as the other (Ive tried both ways) but both different kicks both equally effective in different situations. It doesn't help when your instructor tells you specifically not to do one though, and throws a glove at you everytime you do the wrong one
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    its prob the way they have been taught, a skip kick and a lifted leg are slightly different, and generally an instructor will have a favourite from their own fight days - you should be able to do both IMO but like any techniques will have a favourite due to personal preference individual body mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross90 View Post
    Paul I'd just move, you'd see it coming, leg kicks are meant to damage the leg and wear the opponent down. Fast, in and out. Much like the jab, its not a knockout punch, the leg kick is not a knockout kick, but over time, those snappy little kicks do damage. They need to be fast so as not to get checked. If your stepping out on your back leg to throw a leg kick id just check the kick and counter kick while your off balance.

    Take some thai lessons mate your stand up sounds muddled.
    Id rather kick you once or twice in the leg and do what I need to do there, rather than land 1000s of weak little flick kicks.

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    i switch, but really fast and keep my feet low to the canvas so its not obvious, my high kicks land pretty much every time in sparring when doing it this way.
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    best thing go talk to your instructor ...he/she should know....if you dont value what they say or feel its just all wrong then move gyms ;-)

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    Personally I have always chambered the lead leg and whipped in the kicks, basicly stepping up whilst throwing the kick if you could picture that. Saves telegraphing and increases speed in my case.

    But thats because of the way I have been taught, when i was alot younger the kids groups would be more oreintated towards points kickboxing and some continuous. I suppose its built good foundations for movement, overall speed and reactions, loads more stuff too since being a tot doing it.

    But now being such an intensive lead leg kicker from an early age I struggle to step up before a kick, and even switch! Obviously I cant generate as much power with what I do but its alot more effective for me and still carries a good sting I believe.

    Its each to their own with these sorts of kicks, if you have been taught one way extensively. Your going to kick just as well that way as someone who kicks a different way regardless of its assumed superiority.

    More so down to the fighter, how he fights such as follow up shots or even if the kicks being used after a set of punches.

    Its all relative to the situation its being used in my opinion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yak View Post
    best thing go talk to your instructor ...he/she should know....if you dont value what they say or feel its just all wrong then move gyms ;-)
    i have tryd, he barely speaks a word of english and my thai isnt up to standard enough to explain. 90% of the padwork and technique involves him laughing at me or being angry at me, hitting me randomly and shouting "LAO LAO!!" we have a slight communication problem.

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    where abouts? surely someone speaks english or are you in some tiny gym in the ass end off ubon and a lonely farang?

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