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Thread: switch or step?

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    If the guys not moving back i will switch and if he is retreating i will step.

    Your oponent reading your switch isnt really a problem as you can use it as a draw/faint and throw a push kick or left cross instead of a round kick if he trys to counter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun.R. View Post
    when using your wrong leg to kick/knee do you switch then kick or just step and kick?

    ive trained at a few thai gyms under lots of different trainers and they all seem to think different. some say never switch and some say switching is the only way. to be fair stepping is a million times easier. which do you do? what do you get taught to do?

    i switch at the minute because my trainer tells me to, otherwise i wouldnt bother as stepping is easier and i get alot more power by doing so.
    I can kick with both legs but prefer the stronger left, I usually swap stances for a few kicks to they don't expect the quick step.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yak View Post
    where abouts? surely someone speaks english or are you in some tiny gym in the ass end off ubon and a lonely farang?

    lol no, in phuket but he is the only one who doesnt speak english. i can talk to the others but he is my daily trainer and wants me to switch. i dont mind, by the time i leave i will perfect it but i prefer the other way

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0ugbug View Post
    Id rather kick you once or twice in the leg and do what I need to do there, rather than land 1000s of weak little flick kicks.
    I may have read it wrong fella but i dont understand what your trying to say. Shaun R, You will be so good at doing whatever he's teaching you so well, regardless of what your teacher back over here says. They will be smooth, and generating plenty of power. Damnit i can't wait to go to Thailand and train.
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    the key is to be able to do both and do both well.

    watch any good pro thai fighter and they use both, constantly! the difference is knowing when to use whatever type of kick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maz View Post
    the key is to be able to do both and do both well.

    watch any good pro thai fighter and they use both, constantly! the difference is knowing when to use whatever type of kick!
    you should prob make a point thats already been made....oh wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntonM View Post
    Same i do both switch and step depending on the situation, best to practice both.
    well so it has!

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    For the Low Kick: Personally I would just launch the front foot using the hip and pivot to power up. I prefer this myself, my trainer prefers to take a slight diagonal step into the kick there-fore also providing a slightly more powerful outcome as just to hit the target you have to go through it - if that makes sense.

    For the higher kicks: I have the ability to throw the front kick with out telegraphing it in anyway much the same as the low kick, however this would not be for the KO. It may work as one but really it would be a softener.
    I prefer to use the switch which is almost as described above, I will try to explain co-herently.

    From Left fighting stance (Left foot forward)
    1) bring left leg to rear (small snappy motion)
    2) as left lands in rear, move right foot slightly forward and land @ 45 degree angle to the outside.
    3) Launch left leg into kick.

    My missus did dance for a long time and calls the movement a "Ball Change".

    Hope this helps the OP if he needed any more help.


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    i changed gyms anyway and went back to the old one, so back to doing how i feel is better for me anyway. i can do it both ways but less power when switching

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanDisturbance View Post
    Switching is quite easy to read. I prefer to throw it from the front but if I was to really analyse what I do I probably take a slight(less than half) 45 degree step with my back foot but this is more to aid planting my toes than stepping to an easier stance.

    I was originally taught the switch(back in the day) but definitely better getting into the habit of throwing it straight from the front. It's all in the hips
    I agree throwing straight from the front works well for me to, buts its a difficult thing to do as most people naturally seem to step to kick with their leed leg. Once you get those hips going kicking striaght from the leed is good.

    I was taught the switch as well and only got into the throwing the kick from the front when took up free style kickboxing.

    two of my senior students are both from Thai kicboxing back grounds one with 70 plus fights to his name, and they both step. but trying to get them to throw from leed more as the boxers at the club read the step/switch well and counter with punches quicker
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