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Thread: Best 4th rd in muay thai in 20 yrs

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    Default Best 4th rd in muay thai in 20 yrs

    as promised best 4th round you will see

    was there for the best card of the year so far

    and this round has been called the best in 20yrs by the sports writers in thailand who have seen a fair few fights over the years

    very very special

    Pornsane was given fighter of the year (the guy who lost) Pakorn (guy who won) is now the top dog at this weight


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    ive heard alot about this fight on other forums so ill get that link clicked when i get home. the whole fights a bit of a barnstormer so im told.

    was it at lumpinee? i was there in january but didnt have time to go to see fights ( i was also on my honeymoon). Did see a monitor lizard the size of a rhino though.

    cheers for the link!

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    yes lumpinee kerkkrai champions promotion

    5 title fights....fight 2 was a stormer also - Wanheng Meenyayothin vs Khounsok P.N Yim ...for Light Flyweight Belt...didnt think wed better it.....

    also had Singadam Kaitmoo9 vs Superbon (body kick fest) , Sarm-A vs Petchtawee (elbow fest) lovely head kick KO from Mongkolchai over Singtongnoi then this ridiculous fight!!!

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    Excellent fight, great match up
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    Pornsaneh is an absolute animal

    Team Phoenix

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    agree, love him though

    Pakorn though matched and bettered him on the night

    but yeah love watching pornsane

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    how do you guys get to see and hear about these fighters? you tube seems a good one i guess. i never know where to look.

    and actually going to thailand helps too i imagine.

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    to see them go to thailand or failing that youtube

    helps if you are into thaiboxing, run a thai boxing club, train/fight in muay thai and have been going there multiple times a year for the past 10!!
    then you are pretty much very interested in it ;-)

    if you were training in a thai gym then most of the fighters would know the names and be able to tell you who to watch etc etc

    and then having people (both yourself or students/mates) over in thailand to report back .....

    k-1 fans is not bad ...look on the muay thai forum good way to keep in touch

    if you want a few more pointers PM me for a list of good names etc to bang in youtube

    or seeing as your in Leeds get your butt down to Richard Smiths Bad Company Gym and train / speak to some of the best fighters in this country (and funny lads too)
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    ive been to pegasus thai a few times and know a few of them and need to get back there (car hitting leg stopped me)

    went to a tobins show not long back to see some bad compnay fighters but liam harrison had to pull out. was still awesome. anyway i digress from the thread title.

    ill pm you for names!!! cheers!!!

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    cool, simons gym is good also

    have a look at the show in manchest MEN in 2 weeks...Liam vs Anuwat, Dicks vs Bovy Kaokklai vs Damien Trainor Neil woods vs kev harper...lots of good fights

    or in may at excel london (seni show) Jordan Watson (BadCo) vs Buakow Por Pramuk

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