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Thread: Gloves and Shin Pads needed

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    Default Gloves and Shin Pads needed

    Just started mma training and looking to start Muay Thai too, so I need some gloves and pads to cover both?
    Any one give me some suggestions type/sizes, plus theyve got to last as i wont be able to replace them anytime soon.

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    If you're willing to pay a bit for them, then Fairtex are pretty good. I've had a pair of 16 oz gloves for a couple of years and they're still going strong. Also got the shin guards, but I find that they sometimes come undone during MMA training (they're velcro fastening).

    They're not cheap but you pay for the quality.

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    so many about mate, some decent makes are sandee, like2fight, caged steel, hayabusa and am sure some other people will have their preferences, depends on your budget mate, Personally steer clear from RDX, great price and all, but my RDX stuff fell apart after 5/6 sessions.

    Have a look at CK Martial Arts, he is about on here, he will point out some bargains on his site and all
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    Hi Medic

    Get on my site ~ doing a 20% code for the period of 20th to 27th March.

    Only got selected stock in at the moment ~ but I always have a 10% code on the site for any user of cage warriors forum.

    The 20% code is " holiday "

    the normal 10% code is " cage warriors "

    MMA ~ Caged Steel are one of the best ~ these are the gloves that I am giving to all the fighters that are fighting at Blitz At The Ritz tonight.

    Boxing ~ Sandee are pound for pound the best on the market and that goes for their bag gloves and shin & instep and even their head guards.

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    For sparring MMA you really need shinpads with neoprene sleeves rather than velcro closures like Thai-style ones. I've got a pair of the Rogue ones, which are all right and not too dear (just be careful to put them on sideways and turn rather than pulling them straight over your foot, otherwise the neoprene will eventually split) . The Hayabusa ones are a little more wallet-lightening, but they are very nice.

    Don't bother with cloth shin guards, they may only cost a fiver but they do roughly fuck all.

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    cheers guys found some sandee gloves and just waiting for the shin pads to be in stock

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