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First post been looking on the forum for a good while now, great forum. Just a general queation regarding BJJ, do you feel it prices out people? There are many young people that would love to start BJJ but find that a lot of pure BJJ gyms i.e Gracie Barra are very expensive and almost impossible to afford. I love the sport and MMA myself but I know a lot more people that would come could they afford it.
If you want to do BJJ in Brum but can't afford the 60 -90 monthly fee or 12 pay as you go fee then join a judo club.

Birmingham has loads of strong clubs and you can usually train for 2.50 to 5 per session.

The following have the larger adult classes:


North Birmingham

Samurai (Kidderminster)


World BJJ Champ Carlos Lemos (when in the UK) used to train at Erdington, and North Birmingham is still frequented by Roleta affiliated BJJ black belts. Both have quality ne-waza randori (ground sparring).