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Thread: get a grip

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    Default get a grip

    Still been a newbie to jits thinking time is still prolonging my time spent in positions and this is pumping out my fingers and forarms.
    Is there stuff I can do to improve finger and for arm strenth and endurance ?
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    Prolific wanking imo

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    More jiu-jitsu. -

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    Look into John Brookfield's stuff.

    One of the worlds most respected grip guys, has loads of twists on regular excerices that will improve your grip.

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    stop calling it Jits will help

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    Reverse Curls, Fingertip Push Ups and Dumbell Rows

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    deadlifts. any back exercise like cable rows and chins using the gi is really good. judo will give you a really good grip.

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    i bought this, seems to be working

    but as the above post mentioned try any use a Gi or strong towel as the handle on weights, so you grip the cloth not the bar
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    Doing dead lifts tonight , gonna drop the wieght and do them with both hands facing same way, will try weights in a towel to cheers guys

    P.s can i say gward insted of guard, or is that black belts only ?
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