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Thread: get a grip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    Or; pick the weights up, leg it out the door with them and see how far you get before you're caught. Each time you do it, try to get a bit further. If you manage to get away increase the weight.
    thats the Swansea way again isn't it?

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    The Swansea way is to hide the weights in your jacket, sell them to Cash Converters and use the money to buy smack! -

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbob kelly View Post
    Fammers lifts , gym just ain't big enough so would it work to do my gym routine as normal and then to finish off pick up some seriously heavy dumbells and just hold them on the spot for as long as possible ???
    Although heavy dumbbell can be a good exercises. The movement of walking challenges the grip more as well as really working the core.

    Best thing to do is lengths of the gym if possible. If this isnt possible then heavy dumbbell holds is the closest option.

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