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Thread: get a grip

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    yeah putting towels on the bars etc is a good point one i forgot to mention!

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    Doing dead lifts tonight , gonna drop the wieght and do them with both hands facing same way, will try weights in a towel to cheers guys

    P.s can i say gward insted of guard, or is that black belts only ?
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    Grip is one of the most important things to train.

    There are different types of grip strength; crushing, stabilizing and pinching. Then after that you need to build your wrist and finger strength as well as your lactic threshold

    For example being great at closing a heavy duty gripper isnt gonna help when you need to hold onto that lapel grip for 2-3 mins without letting go.

    I find the most effective ways to build a good grip is:

    Using thick handled equipment. I use a 2.5 inch diameter barbell for curls, overhead presses, bench press and deadlifting. I also have a 2.5 inch pull up bar and 2 inch diameter adjustable dumbells for over lifts such as single arm presses, one armed rows and shrugs. Thick handled equipment build good crushing strength as you need to squeeze so tight the whole time so it doesnt slip out. It also builds great wrist strength and lactic threshold in the forearms.

    Gi or material pull ups. Throw a gi over a pull up bar a do pull ups. There are loads of different grips you can use such as; double lapels, cross grip on lapels, grabbing the material over the shoulder and grabbing the sleeves.This is great for building stabilizing power. As well as pull ups do timed holds on the gi to build your lactic threshold. As well as a gi I also have some gi sleeves i cut off an old torn gi. I wrap these over the bar and twist them into a handle and use them for pull ups, they replicate the width of an opponents wrist and has so give, meaning that it simulates a human arm better than a solid bar.

    Farmers walks. One of my favorite exercises, this builds unbelievable grip strength. Using a heavy weight its great for a crushing, stabilizing hold. With a light weight its great for building lactic threshold. If you dont know what a farmers walk is, its simple. You take a equally heavy weight in each hand and walk with it for as long as possible. Without specialized equipment its best done with either dumbbells or kettlebells. However I own some farmers walk bars which are designed for this exercise and can have weight added to them. Ive also done this with the 2 inch diameter dumbbells which is HORRIBLE for the forearms. To give you an idea of whats a heavy/short and light/long walk is; ive done 65 kilos in each hand for roughly 2 lampposts (how I measure distance) and done 30kg in each hand up a mile long hill (with breaks). These do wonders for your grip.

    Crushing strength is important as well. Although I already said that grippers arnt the best tool, they are far from useless; being able to hold onto a gi for 5 mins is useless if you can only apply 50lbs of force to the lapel. This is all covered in the above exercises but to work crushing strength alone the best way is using heavy duty grippers. I have 5 grippers, ranging between 100lbs of force and 300lbs of force. I also have a adjustable spring loaded gripper that can be adjusted from between 50lbs and 450lbs !! Use the grippers for reps or singles or use it for timed holds.

    Finger strength. To build finger strength I use something call eagle loops. These are nylon webs that you place each finger in a separate loop. You then loop it round a bar and can use it for deadlift, rows and pull ups. Because each finger goes in a separate loop you can work 4,3,2 or 1 finger individually. I normally just use it for decreased finger pull ups. Over exercises i some times implement are reduced finger pull ups on a bar, and reduced finger deadlifts.

    For wrist strength is pretty much covered by thick handled equipment work. But i do supplement it with leverage bar work. Although specialist leverage bars can we bought i use a sledge hammer. Grab the sledge hammer 6-10 inches from the weighted side with the weighted side in front of you and bring the hammer head up and down, moving only your wrist. Repeat this for the other hand then grab around the same distance this time with the hammer the other way around, so the hammer head is behind you, do the same thing, raising it up and down using only your wrist, repeat on the other hand. The final exercise you grab the sledge hammer a little closer to the hammer head and bring it up to your waist, as if youve curled it, with the sledge hammer vertical to the ground. Then move the hammer head from side to side. This is VERY tough. Go for about 6-10 reps in all 3 exercises. The versatility of the sledge hammer is that its adjustable. The weaker you are the closer to the weight you grab, the stronger you are the further away.

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    great post. grip training is the most fun and you can get adventurous with it. make sure to break yourself in slowly and use contrast (sink) baths.

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    Probably better off with something like this

    Also if you find a large decent weight rock/ brick in your garden that you can lift with one hand, holding it with your hand above the rock and releasing your grip and rotating/ spinning the rock ,at the same time, and then catching it again is really good. Doing this repeatedly and due to the change in surface texture and change in your grip helps improve forearm strength.

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    For a few months now i've worked on my grip by using the resistance machiens in the gym with thick handles or with a small towel.
    Bench, curl etc with olympic bar

    Also using heavey hand gripper (200lbs) when i close it i hold it for 10sec.
    Train my forearms a few times in the week but not over trainning it to avoid injury
    ICON Jiu Jitsu

    The only bars i go to are Arm Bars, Knee Bars and a Mars Bar

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    I went climbing with a mate yesterday with the idea it might help my grip. I couldn't even tie my shoe laces after about 10 minutes. Just got back from the gym and I had to abandon deadlifts cos I just couldn't keep hold of the bar. It seriously works your grip and it's a laugh too- almost shat myself looking down from the top!
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    Fammers lifts , gym just ain't big enough so would it work to do my gym routine as normal and then to finish off pick up some seriously heavy dumbells and just hold them on the spot for as long as possible ???
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbob kelly View Post
    Fammers lifts , gym just ain't big enough so would it work to do my gym routine as normal and then to finish off pick up some seriously heavy dumbells and just hold them on the spot for as long as possible ???
    Or; pick the weights up, leg it out the door with them and see how far you get before you're caught. Each time you do it, try to get a bit further. If you manage to get away increase the weight. -

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