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Thread: Whose Muay Thai impresses you most in MMA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterboy View Post
    Uche's last fight:

    Glover v Saeed here

    Agreed with what you said about Afnan as well - I seriously can't believe how bad his record is though? He has really solid MT, and great ground as well. I remember training with him like 8 years ago and he was good then.

    Glover is a freak though, crazy talent.
    Uche's hands look heavy, he looked a whole weight class bigger than that other lad tbh too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave78 View Post
    "Whose Muay Thai impresses you most in MMA?" JWP doesn't compete MMA though does he?? Or have I missed something?!
    You're right he doesn't, I was referring to Yak's post where he mentioned when Cope was calling out JWP on a forum.

    For me in MMA, it's got to be:

    A Silva
    Thaigo Alves
    Jose Aldo

    I also think Alan Belcher's Thai is promising; it seems to get better with each fight.

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    no he doesnt but we digressed off the path as mentioned that MMA 'striking' is different to Muay Thai - in fact a lot of 'muay thai' teachers even in this country dont understand what real muay thai is - or especially the scoring techniques - just because Joe Rogan says they have great MT isnt gospel ;-)

    - but those are arguments for another time

    who uses 'some' muay thai techniques in MMA is prob a better question...

    but anyway

    Kaobon guys look sharp (great thai heritage in Colin)
    Daley - great elbows as well as his dangerous hands

    also liked how Scott Jansens elbows were being used in his last UCUK fight.... working with Alan (Keddle) not unsurprising
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    I thought Mark Glover's Thai was fucking incredible against One-Two Pastou.

    That's the fight, don't know if you can see it without being a 'friend'?? home of TEAM KAOBON MMA/MUAYTHAI

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