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Thread: Whose Muay Thai impresses you most in MMA?

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    anderson silva by far
    wanderlei silva
    amir sadollah
    jon jones

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    anderson silva is on another level

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    Genuinely surprised that the only person to mention Terry on this thread so far is another Kaoboner. He won a Bronze medal in the King's Cup in Bangkok before he fought MMA, only losing a split decision to the Gold medallist.

    Belcher uses Muay Thai ok, but he defo looks like a guy who just spent a few months at a camp in Phuket at some point in his career and that's it.

    Alves has insane leg kicks, but doesn't really take much else from Thai as far as I can see.

    Daley's an amazing striker, but has more of a K1/grenade-hands style?

    A Silva is the total package, everyone goes on about him fighting in boxing, but it would be cool to see what he could do in a straight Muay Thai fight.

    GSP anyone?

    Not seen him, but heard good things about Doolan.

    EDIT: oh, and Jose Aldo FFS! home of TEAM KAOBON MMA/MUAYTHAI

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    Not mch love for Wand?

    Muay Thai wrecking machine in the Pride FC days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueRabbit View Post
    Those leg kicks were destroying Lawler until... well, you know. home of TEAM KAOBON MMA/MUAYTHAI

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    Andre Dida
    Thiago Alves
    Pat barry


    jose aldo
    Sadolla - not bad!
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    actually whilst daley is 'dutch rules really now' his early fights in cage rage for me had the best adaptation of true MT - still think he throws the best proper thai elbows in the game ....

    silvas is good, etims also v good....

    jon jones has phil nurses style through and through....put him in a pair of thai shorts and hes a lanky version of phil !

    best thai though (non ufc) ramba m16 somdet....even in his MMA he throughs killer bodykicks....

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