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    Default Available fighters

    I thought with all the female fighters popping up all over the place recently, we could do with a sticky thread as a resource for managers and promoters.

    If you're looking for a match for a female fighter, post below with the following information and I'll keep it updated.

    Rules: (amateur / pro / with or without head shots on the floor)
    Record: (amateur/semi-pro and pro)
    Lowest weight you'll fight at (same day / day before):
    Highest weight you'll fight at (same day / day before):
    Other combat sports experience (eg muay thai record, BJJ belt etc):
    Dates and details of any specific events you're looking to be matched up for:


    Sarah Moras
    Nomad MMA
    0-0 pro; 3-0 amateur/semi-pro
    61.2 kgs - 65.8 kgs (day before weigh in)
    Manager: Rosi Sexton

    Simona Soukupova
    Pro 1-0 Semi Pro 1-0
    50kg - 54kg
    Muay Thai - Amateur 2-0 C Class 1-1
    contact -

    Kate Jackson
    Team: Koncept Gym
    Rules: Pro or Semi Pro
    Record: Pro 1-0-0
    Weight 54kg - 57kg

    Lisa Newton
    Team Akurei
    Pro MMA
    Record 3-2-0
    46 - 50kg

    Semi-pro and amateur

    Elena Dmitrieva
    Nomad MMA
    Semi pro or pro
    1-0 semi pro
    57 kgs - 61 kgs
    contact: rosi sexton

    Vikki Watts
    Nomad MMA
    Semi pro
    Record: 0-0
    48-52 kgs
    contact: rosi sexton

    Dominique Kay
    The A Team
    Semi Pro Rules
    Semi-Pro 0-0
    55kg - 57kg (same day or day before)
    Other combat sports experience: Wrestling
    Manager: Chris Clarke, email:

    Cheryl Flynn
    Caged Steel
    Semi-Pro 1-1-0
    Manager: Neil Hall,

    Jess Offermans
    Team Spartan
    Semi-pro rules
    Semi-pro 1-0-0
    Contact details: Andy Molyneux - 07921 473167

    Kc Kendall
    Team - Active Bodies
    Record semi pro 0-1
    lowest weight - 62kg
    highest weight - 70kg

    Helen Copus
    Team: Cross Combat Edinburgh
    Rules: Amateur
    lowest weight: 59kg- same day weigh in
    Highest weight: 67kg- same day weigh in

    Helena Martin
    0-0 semi pro
    0-1 pro
    65kg max
    62kg lowest
    Kickboxing experience

    Fiona Piercy
    Team: Team Unity
    Rules: Amateur/semi pro
    Record: Amateur 1-0-0, Semi pro 0-0-0
    Weight: 62-68kg
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