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Thread: Available fighters

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    Default Looking for Opponant for 11th June 2011 Brighton

    Laura Howarth
    Club: ZT FightSkool
    Class: Semi-Pro
    Record: 1-0-0 (amateur)
    0-0-0 (Semi-pro)
    weight: under 65kg
    Contact: Sol Gilbert (01273 202226)

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    Name: maria
    Team: the broken
    Rules: (amateur / professional / with or without headshots on the ground)
    Registration: (amateur or semi-pro and pro)
    Underweight as you fight in the (same day / previous day): 60
    More weight you fight in the (same day / previous day): 68
    Other combat sports experience (eg, registration muay Thai, BJJ belt etc.): wrestling
    give me a warning because

    regalo original

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    Default Can be available from august for amature fights

    Hey All,

    Name: Kate Rennie
    Team: Dogs of war - Cardiff
    Rules: Amature/no head shots
    Registration: Amature
    Weight: 60-65 for weigh on the day (day before could consider lower)
    Record: Pro 1 loss

    Available from August on (Not now as have only been back in training for a week after a couple of years off!)

    Cheers Girls!

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    Default Available to fight from August

    Hey All, very new here.

    Name: Paula Ralph
    Team: Gracie Barra Bath
    Rules: Amature
    Registration: Amature
    Weight: 56 currently but trying to cut some weight
    Record: 1 win

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    Please update Cheryl Flynns information

    Team - Allegiance MMA UK
    Weight - 58 - 62kg
    Contact -
    Professional MMA Referee

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    Default Great new WMMA site

    If you're not already aware of it then Cage Queen offers a womens fight finder. WMMA fighters can add their profiles on there and it's a great place for promoters to search for fighters. If you're not on there then it's well worth a look at:

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    I need an opponent for 65kg female Mma fighter making her debut. Semi pro rules in Gateshead 20th November - Supremacy fc 4

    Please inbox me if your available or knows someone who is.


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    Name: Hannah Stephens
    Team: Combat Athletics Academy
    Rules: Pro
    lowest weight: 60kg- day before weigh in
    Highest weight: 65kg- same day weigh in

    Willing to travel anywhere

    Contact Mark Tucker on 07883322661 or email

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    Default Updating Info

    Laura Howarth
    ZT Fight Skool
    Highest weight 65kg
    Lowest Weight 60kg
    semi-pro rules with GnP

    looking to be matched for 30th June 2012 in Hove, East Sussex ZT Fight Night if anyone has a female ready to fight on this date contact Sol Gilbert

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    Looking to match Rachel Mcmillan on KVF Brighton October 12th she is 4.0 semi pro and a purple belt in BJJ 58/60kgs

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