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Thread: SCRAMBLE Rashguard - my review!

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    Default SCRAMBLE Rashguard - my review!

    Ever since seeing the designs of the SCRAMBLE gear I have been truly excited by what is a new and refreshing BJJ/MMA brand - I have to agree with their design 'ethos' (?), in that MMA gear is full of skulls, flames, stupid words and generally is a bit naff. Almost becoming a stereotype of itself!!! (Google 'Piece of shit clothing' and you'll know what I mean!)

    After pestering SCRAMBLE on their facebook group for weeks to find out when it would be in stock, my amazing GF bought it for me for Valentines day. It arrived this morning, so, I thought I'd treat you lucky people to a review!

    I am not a professional writer, or any sort of writer for that matter, but here goes!!

    Lets start off with the positives....

    The design. Wow. Love it. FINALLY something unique, something that is almost too good to wear on the mat!

    The colours are extremely vibrant, the print is clear and crisp and the 'white' colour is clean and fresh. Ignore my crappy pic colour, blame the iPhone camera, but it gives you an idea!

    It feels like a limited edition piece of clothing and I think this is the case with most of their garments. The detailing and badging is sublime. In short, I love it!

    Now the negatives....

    Whilst I love the design, the colours and everything above, I am disappointed by the quality of the garment. The stitching on the rash guard feels very flimsy and the material itself is very very thin.

    I have a Caged Steel rashguard (which cost me 10 in their sale) which is thicker and more solid, also a Vitamins and Minerals rashguard from Brazil which I bought in 2005 and is still as good as new. Its basically bullet proof and is probably twice as thick as the SCRAMBLE.

    Whilst I'm not saying the thickness of the rashguard is the be all and end all, I doubt this one would have much of a life span; for 35 I would like to be reassured!

    Secondly, the sizing. I am a curvaceous 5ft 9", 96kg, and the rash guard is XL (their biggest size). I am not shredded, but equally I am not a fat git .....Unfortunately, this rash guard makes me resemble a baby elephant that has been catapulted into a condom. Seems like Far Eastern sizing to me? Either way, not what I would call fit for purpose.

    In conclusion, I still love it, but I'm still slightly disappointed with something I was genuinely looking forward to getting, and something which was actually different to the MMA crap out their, however I feel short changed.

    I still love this brand, and will be buying more kit from them, but in a world full of MMA gear at similar pricing these smaller brands have to work hard to stand out from the crowd whilst still delivering on the core product purpose - that being a grappling rash guard!

    However, the proof of the pudding (of which i have clearly eaten too many!) is in the eating so lets see how it holds up after a few weeks/months of rolling. 6/10.



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    It does look epic though

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    for me it looks awesome, and has a decent fit everywhere, but the sleeves are too short, looks closer to 3/4 sleeves then a full rashguard

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