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Thread: FrostyJacks?

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    From the second you open it to the second you finish it - try not pissing. Its hell.

    fucking disgusting stuff.
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    We drank White Lightening when we were kids. Then you move up the Thunderbird.
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    I drunk white lightning a couple of times, but was a bit too chavy for me. Instead I had the classier Fosters beverage, back in the day when I used to hang out by the newsagents.

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    Cans of Skol or Stones Bitter were my weapons of choice until I was 14 or so. Then I started on the Guiness. I was more like a 50 year old than a kid.

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    White lightning. White bolt. White storm. Frosty jacks is one of the few not to use "White" like some Kkk leader - alas; it is just as bad. Made with "scent of apple" and any type of alcoholic acid left in the labs; gets me drunker than neat vodka, more violent than Bluto and it is cheaper than a poor Scotsman. It is worse than a mild case of Ebola.., while you have HIV. I wouldn't use it to quench the thirst of an alcoholic Russian.
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