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Thread: best instructional for guard passing?

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    Default best instructional for guard passing?

    What do you reckon is the best instructional vid for guard passing (no gi) out there at the minute?

    thanks in advance
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    .. anyone??
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    Gi or nogi?

    Jacare's is good for gi. -

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    mark hatmaker.. busting the legs.. you should have a look its not bad

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    This might be worth a look. I've got the 'strategic guard' book. It's very in-depth.

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    Not a full instructional, but on youtube there is a pretty good breakdown of BJ Penn's guard passing in MMA, with I think an analysis of his top 5. I found it pretty useful. Can't post the link as I cant access youtube from work, but pretty sure putting BJ Penn and guard passing in will get you there, although I last watched it a while ago so might not still be there.



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    Mario Sperry does a No-Gi instructional series - I've got it - it's very good...

    "Nobody passes the guard that way, nobody, not even my mother."

    Mario then pauses for a moment and then says with contempt:

    "Only a stooopid person pass the guard like that."

    Mario Sperry is the king of instructionals - incredibly funny guy too.... Here's some other funny Sperry quotes:-
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    I am sure De la Riva has something , check him out

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    Thanks for the sugesstions!
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