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Thread: How do you beat GSP? (May Contain Spoilers)

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    Default How do you beat GSP? (May Contain Spoilers)

    SO How do you beat Gsp?

    Strikers Cant stand with him for fear of getting taken down... SO this suspect chin people talk about doesnt seem to get in to much danger.

    And on the floor he has controlled every1 there also. Including some of the best in the world on the floor. BJ and Hughes to name 2.

    Who do you think has the tools and stratergy to defeat him?

    Was Impressed That hardy managed to go all 5 rounds with him and proved he is as tough as they come not tapping and escaping those submissions!

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    I'm just glad he didn't go all Shinya Aoki on his arm 0.o

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    Truth is you can't beat him at the moment, not at WW weight.

    You kind of think that a top grappler might have a chance, but then GSP takedown defense is probably as good as his offense...

    So only chance I see is another Serra moment, I don't think anyone can possibly decision him or submit him.

    Alvez probably has the best chance based on this, very powerful striking, has KOed someone with a knee as theyve gone for a takedown, has very good takedown defense.. oh wait

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    I think the only way is to swarm all over him with lots and lots of strikes.

    Both top level strikers in hardy and alves have looked gun shy in their fights with him.

    If anything hardy did exactly the opposite of all his talk before the fighting.

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    Aside from the spectacular submission escapes, Hardy didn't have to do much because Georges put him in very little danger and seemed content to sit in side control for 5 rounds - this seemed to be Greg Jackson's gameplan since he kept telling him not to pass. GSP seemed to be wary of Dan's ground game as his ground and pound was fairly weak and reserved.

    If an opponent could cause Georges damage from their back I think he would then change tact and either stand or be more aggressive in finishing from top.

    I'm not saying in any way that Hughes is shit because he is still a world class fighter and athlete but I think Georges just has better wrestling and that Hughes has declined with age. I don't want to sound like I'm taking anything away from GSP but Hughes was coming to the end of a very impressive run and GSP's atheticism and age were deciding factors.

    So fluff aside, to beat Georges St. Pierre you have to be able to outwrestle him and be a significant threat on your feet. I don't think Hughes or Penn could do either and if it had stayed on the feet, Hardy would have outstruck him but couldn't get back to his feet and outwrestle him.
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    A welterweight version of Dan Henderson, a successfull amateur wrestler with a solid chin and heavy hands who would make him work hard for the takedown and make the wrestling part more competitive, would be able to wear him down and catch him with a good punch late in the fight and hopefully follow with a nice flurry.
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    To beat GSP... I think you must have super accurate strikes that have knockout power...with perfect timing and unorthadox striking angles... that along with black belt Jiu-Jitsu and excellent footwork and movement.

    Anderson Silva comes to mind!

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    BJJ White belt, 2 stripes.

    General badmotherfucker.

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    le_devin you basically described koscheck, and i agree so im gonna go with what jim said.

    i think kos has the best chance out of all the 170lb, but i dont see him getting that shot with daley in his way
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    Koscheck would give him a good fight.

    I would like to see Jake Shields fight GSP, Shields has the potential for an upset.

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