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Thread: I'm now 39-0 in street fighting. paul YOUR GOING DOWN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Clarke View Post
    If your around my weight i'll fight you, any rules, your location... but on one condition.. I can get one of my boys to come film for our amusement.
    Fackin cage fighters .... think ya so ard!

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    I too would be willing to undertake a mixed martial arts bout of the professional variety, I would also like this to be under elbows on the ground rules please, if you are interest please pm me your details and I will speak with a local promoter to the north east to arrange on a local show within Middlesbrough I would like to point out that I intend to simply make you look like a fool for 15 minutes and not finish you with ease which would be quite simple to achieve considering you are fourteen and probably posses no pubic hair apart from that of a friend who has stayed in your room for a sleep over.

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    Elbows on thne ground only? Pfhhhrrr, that's not MMA. It's only MMA if there's elbows standing 'AND' on the ground. It's what makes MMA unique. Take the standing elbows away and it's not MMA. A more suitable title would be combat grappling.

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