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Thread: Wrestlers

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    Its not his cup you can feel.... Mike Bishop's Avatar
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    Have you considered putting on six stone ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Williams View Post
    Laugh at him and call him gay for Rassling, then when he rages, use your Jiu Jitsu on him.
    Great plan.
    Is ready to die for that inch.

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    Does it for us **flex** piratebrido's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bishop View Post
    Have you considered putting on six stone ?
    This. Thought I suggest putting on 7, then you have the advantage!

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    gonna be difficult to deal with the size difference, use their pressure against them, when in full guard their posture is not often very good from a wrestler a lot of options there, also deep half guard works pretty well, x guard, but then again good wrestlers will stand up in x guard and deep half guard when some sweeps come, but i find they are effective. When their posture is wrong on the ground thats when to attack what ever you do don't go to all fours and turtle up, or lie flat.
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    Don't look for short-cuts mate. someone with good balance and a weight advantage will give you a hard time...the really good bottom-game players make it look easy, but it's never actually easy

    Most important thing is, make sure you work hard to get his weight off you, even in closed guard. (start here and work towards here). Get on your side and work towards his back. He won't like that and he'll make mistakes. They always do.
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    If your outweighed by 6 stone AND the guy has a good top game you have to accept your going to struggle. Big bear kills little bear... fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wobblybob View Post
    Big bear kills little bear... fact.
    Then Fedor kills big bear.
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