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Thread: Moral Question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigSt.Clair View Post
    Where you at, I'll give you a fiver an hour shit mate aye!
    This translates into - Where are you residing? I would be more than willing to give you 50 pounds sterling for an hour of your teaching.

    Well spoken Craig mate these southerners brains can't handle that much north east in one post. Just throwing words out there in any order and putting aye on the end haha!

    As for the OP, everything has been covered, get insurance, get mats from local schools for free, dont mug yourself off with the price, be straight with your instructor and potential students. Do all that and you'll be reet.

    Best of luck fella hope it all works out sweet for you.
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    A waiver is just helpful if you get sued. Something you can show to prove the person knew there were risks. A person cannot waive their rights, no matter what they sign.
    spoken for the truth..

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    cheeers for the feedback fellas. Some food for thought.

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