I've been to a number of shows recently and have been noticing when there is a real shortage of medical staff on hand. I wont mention exactly where but I was at a show and was helping a fighter prepare when a guy came in with pretty nasty facial injuries (cuts, swollen ears etc) and the 2 paramedics were back in the warm up area tending to the fighter. Firstly, it was great that the experienced medics were on hand to deal with the injuries. however, the show stopped and the medics were put under pressure to patch the guy up as the show couldn't continue wihtout them being cage side. Why don't promotors have min 2 teams of medical staff that way they can deal with more than 1 fighter and a spectator, fighter etc without being too stretched to treat 1 person effectively? also i feel that the fighter should've been taken to another area for treatment rather than bleeding in front of the remaining fighters.

Also it could free up a team to give the fighters a check up after their fights. I'd like to mention that the Kayo MMA show in Watford last month decided to sacrifice their budget for production etc and spent on an extra paramedics team and ambulance after I appealled to them. I thank them for that I know that it was noticed by all the fighters and teams that their safety was of the utmost importance to the promoters.