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Thread: Paramedics at fight shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointyShinyBurning View Post
    Legally, nothing. A paramedic is limited to a specified range of procedures and drugs whereas a doctor can do anything he doesn't mind explaining to the GMC afterwards.

    Practically, the average paramedic is better able to deal with an emergency than all but a tiny minority of doctors.
    I think its best we agree to disagree depends on your definition of "emergency". Also Paramedics, although excellant in maintenance of vital signs, i dont believe are well trained in actual maintenance and management of vital signs as doctors do-whether physician or surgical or GP reg level as minimum. Obviously paramedics will be better trained in trauma etc and other immediate life support, just like a specialist diabetes nurse is good in her particular field. However in general terms a decent GP with special interest in A&E or reg level or st3 in A&E would be much better than paramedics in these type of events in my opinion. Obviously goes without saying a a&e consultant or similar specialist registrar in a&e would be gold standard imho.
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    I dont trust GP's with basic illness, let alone ones that will risk my life!

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    Another point George, could be,,,, where do the Paramedics practise/work, ? There are still huge differences all around the country........ England & wales been playing catch up with NI & scotland for years.. just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxingbrit View Post
    I dont trust GP's with basic illness, let alone ones that will risk my life!
    Mac spot on with that in terms of training,but until we have a decent govt our nhs/healthcare will still stay crap.

    Ian im sure you know not all gp's are crap, you have to remember they are jack of all trades-master of none, but certain gp's have special interest in their training and some have been consultants in other fields and then became gp's so you can imagine how good some of these gp's are.

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    What about for light contact events or club V club sparing? what would you need to cover that?
    Ultimate Tri-style MMA

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    my local gp diagnosed my strained thigh as a sprain, I had to correct her with all my Education( left in the 3rd year)

    We argued she insisted it was a strain, 5 minutes of silence and sometime spent on google, hey presto new diagnosis, secound opinion from DR Google

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperKlinch View Post
    money probably the reason
    I also think that. Money is always a main factor in every situation

    koozies online

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    regardless what people tell you............ is always a factor/problem

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    Until there's a governing body, with the power to stop a show, you will always have people willing to cut corners.

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    As daft as it sounds... i think it will happen before a Gov body is formed........ First Base of skull fracture, or similar head injury,,,,,,,,,,, sorry if I sound 'pessimistic' but Pay the right price for the right medical cover....?

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