Good comments and a good discussion.

However, the main point here is that fighters and camps continue to support events with sub standard medical cover. I have, on a number of occasions had the discussion with promoters prior to an event when matching fighters to ensure the correct cover is in place, and have even left with my team when arriving to find that the cover is not in place.

But I see people all the time who don't know or even ask the question.
You can blame whoever you like and give reasons like promoters not willing to spend the money, but if you attend and support each time, they'll never have to will they?

It's bad enough in this game that someone with 3 weeks training (or less) can bullshit their way into a contest because they have a punchers chance. It's also bad enough that hardly anyone adheres to medical suspensions - and that is where the coaches have a duty of care. Because, however you dress it up, a tragedy is only one punch away both in the gym and in the cage/ring, and having just had a bit of brain surgery, I 100% know that to be correct