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Thread: Scottish MMA Results Thread

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    Default Scottish MMA Results Thread

    Im going to be adding all posted results of Scottish MMA shows in here, as a kinda archive. If the promoter of the show/ judge etc would like to add their Scottish show in thatd be great as I dont get to make them all. Hopefully keep the Scottish Show Section for discussions regarding the shows though & not in here.

    Brawl at the Bay 3
    Pettycur Bay
    3rd April

    Johnny Martin(Rick Youngs Academy) v Chris Batty(Team Jigoku)
    Johnny Martin Rear Naked Choke 1st round

    Frank Bell(Powerhouse MMA) v Christian Numme(Norway)(Team Pammachon MMA)
    Christian Numme Rear Naked Choke 1st round

    Michael O'Neil(Dual Samurai) v Darren Grey(Dinky Ninjas Fight Team) 65KG
    Darren Grey Leg Triangle 1 st round

    Chris Clarke(The A Team) v Neil Laird(Battlefield Gym) 77kg
    Neil Laird Leg Triangle 1 st round

    Shaun Edmondson(Urban Disturbance Fight Team) v Sean Kelly(Highland Fight Club)
    77KG Shaun Edmondson Gullotine 1st round

    Darren Gunnell(Dual Samurai) v Steven Ray(Edge MMA) 77KG
    Steven Ray Omaplata 1st round

    Jordan Davidson(Dogs of Anarchy) v Chris Telford(Team Fishtank) 67KG
    Jordan Davidson Leg Triangle 1st round

    Kevin Cottrell(Urban Disturbance Fight Team) v Kenny Mullen(Battlefield Gym) 72KG
    Kevin Cottrell Unaminous Decision

    John Grubb(Team Jigoku) v Aaron Jones(Middlesbrough Jui Jitsu) 70kg
    Aaron Jones(username AzzJ) didn't turn up, call, txt or answer my calls

    Robert Brand(Dual Samurai) v Daniel Reid(Cross Combat) 80KG
    Daniel Reid Leg Triangle 1st round

    Rory Maidens(Dundee Shooters) v Michael Logie(Highland Fight Club) 73KG
    Rory Maidens Arm Triangle? 1st round
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    Mate can I assume you don't want this in the troll hole? ME

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    Yeah dude, it aint trolling, stick it elsewhere and it'll probably get more people see it. Some people don't venture into this domain.
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    I've pmd him to see where he wants it ME

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    Saturday 10th April 2010

    Robert Whiteford(Hostile Territory) v Richard Edgeworth (Team Ryano,Ire)
    Whiteford R1 TKO

    Rich McLearty (DNFT) v Paul Redmond (Team Ryano,Ire)
    McLearty R1 Anaconda choke

    Jim Brown (Battlefield Gym) v Billy"Bedlam"Davids(Hostile Territory)
    Bedlam R2 Choke

    Andy Black (Team Lycan) v David Hamilton (East Kilbride MMA)
    This was a no contest due to a groin strike in 3rd round

    Mark Young (Cummnock MMA) v Jim Miller (Hostile Territory)
    Young R1 Armbar

    Marias Jakubenas (Team Jigoku) v Sasha Vornov (Hostile Territory)
    Jakubenas Decision

    John Grubb (Team Jigoku) v Fraser McEwan (Hostile Territory)
    Grubb R1 Armbar

    Lee McFee (Team Viper) v Charlie"Babyface"McLean
    McLean R2 Guillotine

    Kevin Devine (Team Raw) v Craig "MOP" McIntosh (Hostile Territory)
    Devine Decision

    George Chambers (Team Volcano) v Blair Lapsley (Hostile Territory)
    Chambers Decision
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    Art Of Combat
    Saturday 24th April

    Danny Clarke (Urdan Disturbance) v Craig Stewart (Born Warriors) 92kg
    Danny Clarke Round 1, 48secs by Triangle

    Aldo Waugh (indapendant) v Keiren McBride (Battlefield) 62kg
    Keiren McBride Round 1, 52secs by Triangle

    James Moir (team unity) v Steven Ray (edge mma) 77kg
    Steven Ray Round 2, 55secs by Americana

    Carson Riches (team jigoku) v Adam Reid (Battlefield) 88kg
    Carson Riches Round 1, 1min 40secs by Kimura

    Daniel Reid (snake pit) v Sean Kelly (highlander fight club) 77kg
    Daniel Ried Round 1, 2min 47secs by Arm Bar

    Nicky Beveridge (team unity) v Nikita Kozhemyaka (team jigoku) 60kg
    Nikita Kozhemyaka Round 1, 1min 53secs by Arm Bar

    Scott Ross (highlander fight club) v Marius Jakubenas (team jigoku) 73kg
    Marius Jakubenas Round 2, 3mins 23secs by Arm Bar

    James McAlister (Battlefield) v Marc Cosgrove (Dundee TNT) 61kg
    James McAlister Round 1, 2mins 45secs by Triangle

    Russell Baillie (team raw) v Stuart Weir (team jigoku) 90-95kg
    Stuart Weir Round 1, 3mins 37secs by Ezekiel Choke

    Kyle Cassidy (fighter's hive) v Michael Logie (highlander fight club) -76kg
    Kyle Cassidy Round 1, 58secs by Guillotine

    Darren Webster (snake pit) v Neil McKenzie (Grip/DNFT) 84kg
    Neil McKenzie Round 1, 2mins 52secs by Darce Choke

    Jonathon Pain (snake pit) v Majid Gillian (fighter's hive) 73kg
    Majid Gillion Round 1, 1min 2 secs by Arm Bar

    Paul Lopez (Cumnock mma) v Aaron Leslie (extreme mma) 68kg
    Paul Lopez Round 1, 48 secs by Triangle
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    Viper Fight Night 5
    Sunday 25th April
    Port Glasgow

    Barry Gillchrist bt Sean O'Neil Unanimous Decision
    Chris Bungard bt Peter Scobie Split Decision

    Semi Pro
    Mark Young bt Kev McKinnon Arm Bar Rd2
    Darren Clark bt Craig Webster Arm Bar Rd1
    Ally McCrae bt Rab Miller KO Rd1
    Chris McDougal bt Stuart Swan Unanimous Decision
    Neil Laird bt Craig Johnstone Guilotine Rd1
    Ian Gilmartin bt Andy Glynn Arm Bar Rd1
    Martin Delaney bt James Montgomery Kimura Rd2
    Steven McCredie bt John McAllister Guilotine Rd1
    Stu McNeil bt Russell Bailey Kimura Rd1
    Mark Richards bt Harry Woodhall

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    awrite mate ur doin a great job of keeping score of all the results. are u in attendance to all of these events??

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    This is starting to look good this thread.

    Certainly a central area to quickly locate event results.

    Keep up the good work. Seems like you've taken on this responsibility however!
    James Mair
    Pro Fighter

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    Absolute Combat 3
    Saturday 1st May 2010

    Graham “Afterburner” Turner (DNFT) vs Olivier Pastor (France)
    Turner bt Pastor Unanimous Decision

    James Mair (Rick Youngs Academy) vs Ryan Kelly (PCCB)
    Kelly bt Mair TKO Rd1

    Robert Whiteford (Hostile Territory) vs Chris Batty (Team Jigoku)
    Whiteford bt Batty TKO GnP Rd1

    Chris Carmichael (Team Viper) vs. Dan Hope (DNFT)
    Hope bt Carmicael TKO Rd 2

    Doni Miller (Battlefield Gym) vs Steven Kilfin (Progressive Combat Club Belfast)
    Miller bt Kilfin RNC Rd1

    Robert McCrum (Lycans Fight Team) vs Mark Platts (Gracie Barra Newcastle)
    McCrum bt Platts Unanimous Decision

    Bobby McVitie (Team Viper) vs. Alan McAuley (DNFT)
    McAuley bt McVitie Unanimous Decision

    Semi Pro
    Jamie Nolan (Mataleon MMA) vs Craig Thomson (Headhunters MMA)
    Nolan via Unanimous Decsion

    John Black (Team Jigoku) vs Kieran Malone (DNFT)
    Malone Via Unaminous Decision

    Shaun Edmondson (Urban Disturbance) vs Darren Gunnell (Duel Samurai)
    Edmonson Triangle Rd1

    David Hamilton (EKMMA) vs. Sean Taylor (Lycans)
    Hamilton Via Split Decision
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