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    Default BJJ Red belts

    Hey guys,

    Just wondered how many red belts there are.
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    9th degree is redbelt too
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    Is there a non brazilian thats a 9th Dan??

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    sounds like bullshit. Very few 9th degree black belts around and I doubt there is an Israeli at that level, simply because it takes absolutely ages to get to 9th degree
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    I am pretty sure there is no Israeli red belt. J Sho will know for sure. -

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    some musings on who the red belts are here:

    Kapap (

    Who is the guy coming over? The founder makes no mention of BJJ on his bio page: and i can;t see any reference to BJJ (distinct from "ground defense") on their site.

    afaik there were only a couple of black belts in Israel, Haim Gozali under Renzo is the only one whose name springs to mind.

    I'll call BS on there being an israeli 9th dan, he would have to have been in brazil in the 50s/60s/70s for that to be plausible.

    Can you get a name?

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    oh and kapap isn't a person, it;s the Hebrew acronym for "Face To Face Combat"

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    i read somewhere that Rickson now has a red belt, despite him NOT wanting it?

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