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Thread: Am I am the worst striker in MMA history? Analysis and statistics here!

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    Default Am I am the worst striker in MMA history? Analysis and statistics here!

    I recently made the decision to retire from competing in professional MMA, and so the other day I took to reminiscing on my career and what exactly I achieved during that time. Now, I always knew that I was a terrible striker but the exact numbers behind just how crap I am were surprising even to me.

    In a professional MMA career spanning 4 years and 9 fights, I landed a total of 3 strikes whilst stood up, consisting of 1 jab, and 2 leg kicks.

    It's not for lack of trying though - during the same period I threw and missed with 12 other punches (8 of which were in one fight) and 2 knees. This works out at an average of 0.3 strikes landed per fight, and a hit percentage of 17.5%.

    Even worse when you consider 2 of those successful strikes were in my last fight - without these I would have had 8 professional fights, and only landed a single strike in all that time.

    I have only ever once successfully punched anyone whilst standing, and that was in my 8th professional fight. The outcome of that was insignificant to my opponent, but saw me in surgery having a metal plate inserted in my hand to repair the broken bones I sustained doing so.

    Conversely, in the same time I have hit 7 slams, and have slammed my opponent in all but 2 of my fights. This works out at a slam to punch ratio of 7:1. Even Matt Hughes can't boast such figures.

    Is there any other fighter in the world who can claim to be as ineffective at striking, yet as successful with slamming people as me?

    Incidentally I made a career highlight video to illustrate this point, feel free to have a look -

    Career highlight video
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    We all gotta be good at something. Maybe your just a pacifist?

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    some of them slams are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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    I think I remember you making a similar thread about 3-4 years ago before the forum crashed.... or did I dream that??!

    Ive seen you fight mate & I dont think you needed too punch... you were good at wot you did, in your case it was defo slams ftw!

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    hahahahaha loving your honesty mate! awesome chat.
    The best moment of my life was being punched in the face by Liam Harrison.

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    cool vid, some nice slams! European Top Ten/Fightnews

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    Excellent post Dave, having watched that video I can now claim to have seen every single strike you ever landed in pro mma lol

    Seriously though, as others have said, whatever the level of your striking you were clearly well above average in other areas which more than made up for it, as demonstrated by your record.

    Good luck in the future mate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hirst View Post
    Incidentally I made a career highlight video to illustrate this point, feel free to have a look -
    Striking is overrated buddy ;o)

    Loved the slams in the vid

    Doesn't have a signature anymore

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    great vid dave,shame you have stoped fighting

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