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Thread: Gi and fightwear talk

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    Default Gi and fightwear talk

    This a thread for all the Gi talk on the forum.
    Manufactures and Sponsored fighters feel free to post anything you like in this thread,and buyers please ask any questions you like.I am sure
    any questions asked about any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu merchandise will be answered promptly.

    Simon Hayes

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    Default Fokai Familia come to UK - Garra

    one of the old school MMA / BJJ companies has come to the UK through thier familia Garra

    loads of cool stuff as worn by Dana White in season 1 of TUF and BJ Penn (when he was sponsored by them)

    Fokai Rock

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    I hadn't noticed this sticky. I guess it means I can post my Faixa Rua leve review here?


    Ok, I was lucky to be sent a prototype of the new Faixa Rua Leve model for testing. I've had it for a few months now and have worn it loads, so the time has come...

    The gi is built to the same excellent quality as my other Faixa Rua gis. All the stitching and seams are sturdy and again the overall quality of the gi seems to be equal to that of Keiko Raca, Koral, Atama etc...

    Apart from being lighter, the main difference from the standard single weave is the weave itself. It's a lot rougher (on the outside) than the standard gi, especially when new, but still very comfortable to wear.

    The sizing is great, I washed my A3 once on 60 degrees and it fits me perfectly. The sizes on the actual production model are different from the prototype I have but not enough to make any real difference. The cut of the body makes the gi very snug and excellent for competition. The sleeve lengths are also designed to be right on the legal limit. It's the same size as my standard Faixa Rua which I have worn in the Euros (where gis were fully checked) and I have a 76" reach, so the sleeves should be long enough for everyone.

    All the basics are there too; it's comfortable to train in, looks good, collars aren't too easy to grip but still usable for lapel chokes etc...

    No negatives to mention! Great gi which I'd recommend to anyone.

    The styling is as per the standard gi, but the shoulder patches are different;

    Faixa Rua have provided me with the measurements for A3 size (the actual production model);

    Sleeve at cuff: 16cm
    Collar end to end: 172cm
    Cuff to cuff across shoulders: 163cm
    Base of collar to bottom of jacket: 76cm
    Collar width: 4.5 cm
    Collar thickness: 1cm

    ...and weights;

    A2: <1.5kg
    A3: 1.8kg -

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    I am 6'4", 80 kilos.
    After shrinking the A3 is too small for me, particularly, too short in the arms and legs. If anyone wants it pm me ... only worn twice, 50.
    Tap Forged

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiurus View Post
    I am 6'4", 80 kilos.
    After shrinking the A3 is too small for me, particularly, too short in the arms and legs. If anyone wants it pm me ... only worn twice, 50.
    Hmm. Interested.

    What are the new measurements, if you don't mind me asking? How long are the pants from top to bottom and how bigs the top from pit to pit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiurus View Post
    I am 6'4", 80 kilos.
    After shrinking the A3 is too small for me, particularly, too short in the arms and legs. If anyone wants it pm me ... only worn twice.
    Faixa Rua 'Leve' Still available.

    Pit to pit but 24".
    I'm a 42" chest and it fits very nicely that way.
    The arms are 163cms cuff to cuff .... I could measure it a cm or even 2cm longer with a wee stretch).
    The trousers are 39.5".

    40 + paypal fees. I will cover p&p.
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    Faixa Rua make awesome gis, an A3 fits me perfectly at 5'11 and 90 kg.

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    I have a few questions.
    I would like to purchase a Gi top for BJJ (because I'm broke ass and can't afford a whole Gi)

    I'm 6ft6 and have long limbs.
    Back in my Karate days I was A6 (if I recall correctly) and the length was fine.
    Would that be the same now? I'm sturdily built with a 48-50 chest.

    Without trying to advertise to me too much; wouldn't I be just as well off with a judo gi top, aswell as a "BJJ" gi?

    I consider this a starter gi; not a long term investment so any advice for sizing and economy price would be most welcome.

    Rob T - I tried to get on faixrua but the website timed out on me from various different internet connections?
    "Awww, so you lost darling - but it's the taking part that counts" My Mum... thanks for nothing Mum.

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    Default Gi Review: TUFF Fightwear lightweight BJJ gi

    Hey guys,

    Continuing my series of independent unbiased BJJ gi reviews, here is the latest: TUFF Fightwear's lightweight BJJ gi:

    1. Very light, only 1.4Kg for an A2
    2. Very cheap, only 39.99 plus postage
    3. Great jacket, with good reinforcements and fabric is comparable to other 'British' gi brands
    4. Rope cord belt tie around trousers does not come undone or get lost within hem.

    1. Quite a bit of shrinkage (despite claiming pre-shrunk)
    2. Trousers shrink a lot
    3. Trousers much thinner compared to other brands I've tested.
    4. Rope cord riding upwards could be a problem (see the review for full description)
    5. Slightly stiff rubberised collar and lapels compared to my Vulkans, but might soften over time.

    Other than that, I was very very impressed with this gi. Considering the cost and the incredible light weight, I would say this would make a great first time gi for newcomers and a good second comp gi for experienced players.


    Disclaimer: I am not endorsed or sponsored by any gi company, my reviews are totally independent.
    Meerkatsu's BJJ Blog

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    Just ordered a Tuff in A5. I will report how it shrinks to my frame for anyone with same lankyness issues.
    Tap Forged

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