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Thread: Gi and fightwear talk

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    My advice is to read the thread at the top of this forum where the topic of what gi to buy is discussed in great detail. If you post in there the manufacturers can talk openly about their products and you will get lots of replies from people who really like talking about gis.

    Sorry to be arsey but otherwise this forum will turn into a glorified gi advertisement board.

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    I have an estillo Gi and a zero Gi.
    The estillo Gi is the best one I have ever owned. It's very high quality, and it looks really good. It has not shrunk, (I wash on 40 degrees), and the colour is almost as bright as the day I got it.

    The zero Gi is also good but the pants shrunk quite a bit. It is what it is... A light weight Gi... No real complaints, but not the greatest ever either.

    I found the price very good compared to other gis, and the customer service was spot on.

    Highly recommend the estillo! (but if that is your first Gi you might not appriciate how good it is, with no s**t Gi to compare it to!!)

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    I have three from the older "Competition" range and an Estilo (well, it's a Pin-Up gi really but it's designed on the Estillo!)

    Fantastic gis and in all fairness, my personal experience with the company has been nothing short of great. I live here in the UK and prefer to support the British BJJ scene by buying mainly british BJJ products. Having said that, the products are of a very high quality.
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    Never heard any complaints about any tatami gi
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    Default TUFF Gi Sizes

    Does anyone on here own a TUFF gi? Specifically, an A4?

    I want to start BJJ and need to get a really cheap Gi, so I think TUFF is the way to go. That being said, I don't know if their A4 will fit me. I have tried emailing them but have not got a response. I am 6ft and weigh at a fat 230lbs! Does anyone know if I can squeeze into a A4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddybaresi View Post
    What is the "BJJ lifestyle"?
    To me it's just when BJJ is one of or the biggest things in your life. People who train nearly every day etc.

    However, to some people it seems to mean wearing certain brands of clothing, wearing t-shirts with BJJ stuff on them, eating Acai, speaking in a faux-Brazilian accent etc... I find that a bit sad if people are doing it just to fit in with a scene. -

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    Default Best gi to buy

    What's the best gi s to buy and what size would I have to get am 6 ft 3 128kg 50 inch chest

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    gi of choice for me.

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    buy a faixa rua, well priced, well made, and cool guys. fuck tatami
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