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Thread: Gi and fightwear talk

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    i like the judo gis white

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    Default Gi Review: Vangaard Competition Kimono - in Red!

    This gi is bling.

    But it costs a bomb.

    Is it worth the money?

    My full review here:

    Summary here:

    This ornately decorated single weave gi is made by Swiss company Vangaard Fightwear and sold by French-based fightwear seller Ayabuza. Prices on the Ayabuza website for this brand range from Euros 145 for a white A1, to Euros 170 for a coloured A4. The gi reviewed here is a red A2, which is priced at Euros 160. It is a premium priced product aimed at those looking for a bright gi that stands out from the crowd...

    In terms of comfort, design and look, the Vangaard is a very good quality uniform. However at a price of Euros 160 the equivalent of 132 or $197 not including shipping, I would hesitate to call this good value for money. At this price range, the Vangaard competes directly against the likes of the Koral MKM, Atama Mundial, Breakpoint and Isami gis albeit shipping and customs fees from the US for those models could make them a tad more expensive than the Vangaard.

    This gi is for collectors of fancy BJJ uniforms and those who like eye-candy. Having said that, I personally really love the look.
    Some photos:

    Meerkatsu's BJJ Blog

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    Ohhh thats nice
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    Sleeves look massive? -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    Sleeves look massive?
    I have problems using ezekiel with tapered sleaves anyone else?
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    Love the embroidery but the arm and shoulder patches not so much. The quality seems pretty good but as you said, the price:quality ratio isn't good.

    On a side note I'd have to be very pretty rich to pay that much for a non-legal gi.

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    It's red......

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    I don't like

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    I would take the round patch of, like the rest of it

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    it is a nice GI from a well respected manufacturer

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