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Thread: Gi and fightwear talk

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    hello there ,
    its nice forum to get updated about the playing dress. i just come to know some good news and information here and supportive material for fitness wear .
    i got impressed with G with considerable weight and low price .
    however it will be important to fit the size according to the body outlook for any purchaser.

    its a good experience .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hassan View Post
    Do you not have any blue in them? also whats the diffrence between the Keiko Raca Ultra light and Keiko Raca Limited Series as they both are the same weight.
    hi hassan weve only got them in white at the moment. the main difference is the type of weave used. the weave on the ultralight is tighter and the material is thinner than on the limited. the limited in an A2 weighs 1800 grams and the ultralight in an A2 weighs about 1550 grams.

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    Breakpoint & Ronin Gis on sale guys, checkout only 90 for the breakpoint and 65 for the Ronin, the Ronin ones have ''The General'' patch on the back and are very well made gis. and please ''like'' our facebook page and tell us what gis you wanna see over here in the uk

    Have a Good Easter

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    Default Gi review: Pin Up Limited Edition by Tatami Fightwear

    Full review here:

    But who needs words when you have photos!

    Meerkatsu's BJJ Blog

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    That is literally the fucking coolest thing I have ever seen. Where can I get them from and how much will it set me back?
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    Predator BJJ Gi's back in stock in the next few days.....Predator BJJ Gi.

    Brand new Gold Weaves, plus Black/Gold Predator and a full range of Predator No Gi clothing due at the end of May!
    Black Eagle Martial Arts

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    Hi Gents, going to get Dragao Gis over here in the next couple of weeks, please check out pics on my facebook page, the black one is something else, any questions please email



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    Default Origin Limited Edition 550 Gi and Rashguard

    Hi Guys,

    I thought you might be interested in the limited edition Origin Genesis 500 gi and rashguard which will be on sale worldwide for one day only on Sunday 15th May.

    The Genesis 550 is a limited edition gi designed by Pete Roberts from BJJ Weekly. The new gi has generated a massive amount of interest worldwide and comes with a Genesis 550 rashguard. The Genesis 550 is an amazing looking gi with unique detailing and a style of it's own (see for a full preview video).

    On worldwide sale for 1 day only

    The Genesis 550 will be on worldwide sale for 1 day only - on Sunday 15th May 2011. That's right, for one day only - that's how exclusive this gi will be! Origin are expecting the limited edition gi to sell-out very quickly and have set up a special Priority Reserve List - there are over 300 people on the reserve list already!

    We are the exclusive UK distributor, please check out the Genisis 550 at our site

    Ordering exclusive gis from the USA has previously been prohibitively expensive - when you add up the cost of the gi, plus international postage, import tax and VAT. However, Origin have recently announced that the Genesis 550 gi and rashguard will be available in the UK exclusively through us, for 139.50 (including p&p) - saving around 20% on the total cost of purchasing from the USA.


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    Due into stock by 17th May Latest!! Only a limited amount, so if you want one, reserve yours now!

    BJJ Gi - Predator MKII Black/Gold

    Will have proper modelled photos soon after they arrive.....
    Black Eagle Martial Arts

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    Can someone recommend me a good rucksack for carrying my gi around. I'm currently using a hold all but finding it a bit of a chore to be lugging with to to work before heading to training.

    Thanks in advance and please no go to JJB comments

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